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  • Dew Point Meters & Portable Monitors

What is Dew Point?

Dew point is defined as the temperature at which the water vapor pressure of a gas equals the saturated water vapor pressure. It is therefore the temperature at which condensation "just begins" to occur if a gas is cooled. Dew point is a fundamental unit and directly equivalent to water vapor pressure or parts per million. It is a very convenient measure of actual water content of a gas because it is not a function of temperature in the same way relative humidity is.

How to Measure Dew Point?

Knowing the compressed air dew point is critical to many processes. Excessive moisture can result in poor product quality, significant downtime, or corrosion and damage to critical equipment resulting in expensive repairs and lost revenue. To minimize moisture problems, reliable on-line dew point measurement is a must.

Vaisala DM70 Hand-held Dew Point Meter
with Case, AC Adapter & USB Cable, -76°F to +68°F Probe
Kahn Cermet II Dew Point Meter
with NEMA 4 Housing & Digital Display, -148°F to +68°F Probe
Kahn Easidew Portable Hygrometer
with NEMA 4 Case and Charger, -148°F to +68°F Probe