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DS20 Desiccant Snake Point of Use Dryer

DS20 Desiccant Snake Point of Use Dryer

Part #: 130502
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20 SCFM, 1/4" Brass Connections




Effectively Dries Compressed Air in the Air Line

The Desiccant Snake in line compressed air dryer can be used for any point of use application that you want to protect from moisture, oil or dirt and has a capacity of up to 20 scfm. The Desiccant Snake is a must for protecting your air tools and paint projects. Effective with both HVLP and Conventional spray equipment.

Typical compressed air is saturated with 100% relative humidity. That means the compressed air is carrying a lot of moisture vapor when it goes into your paint gun or point of use application. The Desiccant Snake removes moisture vapor down to 1/2% relative humidity.

Filters and traps DO NOT REMOVE ANY MOISTURE VAPOR from the compressed air, they simply remove LIQUID water from the air line. The best refrigerated air dryer on the market removes moisture down to about 26% relative humidity.

The Desiccant Snake gives you air that is about 52 TIMES DRYER than a refrigerated dryer.

This is a great add on for Do-It-Yourself guys who don't have all the expensive equipment to get the moisture out of the air lines. Why take the chance of ruin all your paint work because of moisture in your air lines? Order the DS20 Desiccant Snake by today and avoid all the moisture.

Cutaway View Desiccant Snake

Desiccant Snake Cutaway

Relative Humidity Chart

Desiccant Snake Chart

Features & Benefits


  • The Desiccant Snake contains special desiccant and has a unique design that ensures maximum compressed air to desiccant contact time.
  • The Desiccant Snake contains four built-in filter elements that remove oil and dirt.
  • The Desiccant Snake has 1/4" BRASS thread connectors.
  • Good for up to 20 SCFM
  • 200 PSIG maximum pressure rating
  • 150°F maximum temperature rating
  • Desiccant drying down to -40°F dew point
  • Replaces old technology at gun bulb filters.
  • Significantly reduces paint defects from air line moisture.
  • Mounts inline with air hose. Simple 2 minute installation.
  • Suggested to be used with the RHI-01 Relative Humidity Indicator for easy tracking of desiccant performance.


  • The Desiccant Snake will remove moisture vapor down to 1/2% relative humidity and GUARANTIES ZERO paint defects caused by moisture.
  • Having multiple filters increases the life of the Desiccant Snake and protects your tools from oil and dirt.
  • The Desiccant Snake is safe and trustworthy to use in the paint booth. The plastic thread connections used on filter balls and other competitive products are fragile and tend to break off or leak.
  • The Desiccant Snake has enough capacity for even the heartiest of H.V.L.P. spray guns as well as conventional spray guns.


  • Spray Painting: cars, furniture, boats, and air brushing
    Moisture in compressed air will ruin just about any kind of paint, it will make the paint peel and bubble up and not adhere to the surface of what you are painting Urethane and clear coat paints are especially prone to moisture.
  • Filling Tires: car, RV, SUV, motorcycle, and bicycle
    Moisture in compressed air will expand in your tires when it heats up which will increase your tire pressure causing unsafe driving conditions, uneven wear and poor gas mileage.
  • Air Tools: air ratchet, nail guns, spray guns
    Moisture in compressed air will ruin any air tool. The moisture rusts the tool and washes away lubricants causing decreased tool efficiency and premature failure
  • Maximum Flow: 20 SCFM
  • Maximum Pressure: 200 PSIG
  • Filter Rating Microns: .01
  • Connections: 1/4 in. NPT brass thread connectors
  • Dimensions L" x W": 37-1/2 x 1-1/4
  • Weight: 1-1/2 lbs
  • Maximum compressed air temperature: 150°F
  • Equivalent: Part # 130502

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