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  • Sullair LS-10 Series: 40 HP - 24KT Parts and Kits

The parts listed below are replacement parts for Sullair LS-10 Series: 40 HP - 24KT Model. All replacement parts meet and/or exceed the original manufacturers specifications. If you don't see the part you need, please call toll free: 866-650-1937 and we'll locate the parts.

We are constantly adding new parts daily to offer you the widest selection for Sullair LS-10 Series; we supply only new air compressor parts. This allows us to keep thousands in stock, offering you the fastest shipping and most competitive price.

Sullair 042445 Air Intake Filter Replacement
High Efficiency Pleated Media Air Intake Filter Element
Sullair 040596 Air Intake Filter Replacement
Pleated Media Air Intake Filter
Sullair 250025-525 Spin-on Oil Filter Replacement
High Performance Microglass Compressor Lube Oil Filter
Sullair 250034-114 Air/Oil Separator Replacement
High Efficiency Pleated Borosilicate Glassfiber Media
Sullair 241581 Compressor Valve Replacement
1-1/4" MPCV, 60 PSI (2) 1/4" NPT Outlets
Sullair 250026-758 Minimum Pressure Check Valve Repair Kit Replacement
Series 12, LS-10 Series, and LS-12 Series Compressor Models
Sullair 250025-654 Compressor Valve Replacement
Intake Valve
Sullair 250019-451 Compressor Kit Replacement
Intake Valve Repair Kit
Sullair 250025-621 Compressor Kit Replacement
170°F Thermal Valve Repair Kit Element with O-Ring and Seal
Sullair 250017-280 Compressor Part Replacement
Pressure Regulator Valve Positive Control
Sullair 250019-453 Regulator Repair Kit Replacement
Pressure Regulator Valve Repair Kit, Positive Control
Sullair 250025-655 Compressor Valve Replacement
1/4" Blowdown Valve, 250 PSI TFE Seats with Viton O-Rings
Sullair 250031-772 Compressor Kit Replacement
Blowdown Valve Repair Kit
Sullair 241771 Compressor Part Replacement
1/4" Bronze V-Type Strainer, Threaded Connection, 250 PSI
Sullair 241772 Compressor Kit Replacement
1/4 V-Type Strainer Repair Kit
Sullair 049905 Compressor Valve Replacement
1/4" Inline Check Valve
Sullair 250003-657 Compressor Part Replacement
Sullair 250038-674 Compressor Valve Replacement
1/4" 3-Way Solenoid Valve, 10W 120V/60Hz - 110V/50Hz, 150 PSI
Sullair 02250055-940 Compressor Kit Replacement
Solenoid Valve Repair Kit
Sullair 250031-738 Compressor Valve Replacement
Coil Repair Kit
Sullair 02250049-258 Compressor Kit Replacement
Seal Repair Kit
Sullair 24KT Replacement (5 gal.)
Silicone based
Sullair 24KT Replacement (55 gal.)
Silicone based