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Worthington Holyoke Air Compressor Parts & Kits

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Model Series: Maintenance Kits | SAB, SABC, & SBB

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  • eCompressedair has the trusted experience with over 30 years of knowledge when it comes to Worthington replacement compressor parts and filters. Located near Holyoke, MA, many of our staff are trained specifically in Worthington and have the knowledge to provide extensive material and cross-referencing for Worthington.

All references, technical information and recommendations contained in the model tables are presented in good faith, based upon field experience and accrued internal information believed to be reliable. The Buyer is however cautioned, that eCompressedair cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information, and it is the customer's responsibility to determine the suitability of specific products in any given application.

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eCompressedair is the leading national source for Worthington Compressor Parts. We carry thousands of brand new replacement aftermarket Worthington air compressor parts from the hard-to-find, to the most common, including air filters, air/oil separators, and oil filters as well as complete rebuild kits and individual spare parts.


Maintenance Kits:

Model Gasket Kit Ring Kit Valve Strips
AD KIT-725 KIT-723 STR-116
AE KIT-724 KIT-722 STR-116
AF KIT-1609 KIT-722 STR-116
AG KIT-1609 KIT-722 STR-116
AH KIT-749 KIT-747 STR-116 &
AJ KIT-748 KIT-746 STR-116
AK KIT-1673 KIT-746 STR-116
AL KIT-1673 KIT-746 STR-116
AM *See Reference KIT-760 STR-116 &
AN *See Reference KIT-759 STR-117
AP *See Reference KIT-761 STR-117
AQ *See Reference KIT-761 STR-117
AR *See Reference KIT-761 STR-117
AS KIT-1670 KIT-759 STR-117
AT KIT-1670 KIT-759 STR-117
AU KIT-778 KIT-780 STR-116
AV KIT-777 KIT-779 STR-116
AW KIT-1610 KIT-1328 STR-116
AX KIT-1610 KIT-1328 STR-116
AY KIT-826 KIT-723 STR-116
BF KIT-757 KIT-760 STR-116 &
BG KIT-875 KIT-829 STR-116 &
BH KIT-749 KIT-747 STR-116 &
BJ KIT-832 KIT-833 STR-116 &
BK KIT-864 KIT-866 STR-116
BL KIT-868 KIT-870 STR-116
BM KIT-872 KIT-874 STR-116 &
BN KIT-1092 KIT-1093 STR-116
BP KIT-1095 KIT-1096 STR-116
BQ KIT-1098 KIT-1099 STR-116
BR KIT-1529 KIT-1332 STR-116
BS KIT-1529 KIT-1332 STR-116
BU *See Reference KIT-829 STR-116 &
BV KIT-832 KIT-833 STR-116 &
CH KIT-1380 KIT-747 STR-116 &
CJ KIT-1392 KIT-746 STR-116
CK KIT-1613 KIT-746 STR-116
CL KIT-1613 KIT-746 STR-116
CM KIT-1379 KIT-760 STR-117
CN KIT-1391 KIT-759 STR-117
CP KIT-1390 KIT-761 STR-117
CQ KIT-1611 KIT-761 STR-117
CR KIT-1611 KIT-761 STR-117
CS KIT-1612 KIT-759 STR-117
CT KIT-1612 KIT-759 STR-117
CU KIT-1382 KIT-829 STR-117
CV KIT-1381 KIT-833 STR-116 &
ED KIT-1553 KIT-723 STR-116
EE KIT-1554 KIT-722 STR-116
EF KIT-1614 KIT-722 STR-116
EG KIT-1614 KIT-722 STR-116
EN KIT-2467 KIT-1093 STR-116
EP KIT-2468 KIT-1096 STR-116
EQ KIT-2469 KIT-1099 STR-116
ER KIT-2470 KIT-1332 STR-116
ES KIT-2471 KIT-1332 STR-116
EU KIT-1556 KIT-780 STR-116
EV KIT-1557 KIT-779 STR-116
EW KIT-1615 KIT-1328 STR-116
EX KIT-1615 KIT-1328 STR-116
EY KIT-1555 KIT-723 STR-116
M25 KIT-296 KIT-245 STR-117 &
M30 KIT-296 KIT-245 STR-117 &
M40 KIT-298 KIT-247 STR-117 &
M40A KIT-641 KIT-644 STR-117 &
M50 KIT-297 KIT-245 STR-117 &
M75 KIT-299 KIT-247 STR-117 &
M80 KIT-300 KIT-249 STR-117 &

• - If AM Model Compressor Has Crankshaft CKS-189 & Cast Iron Bearing Housing HUS-226, Use Gasket KIT- Part # KIT-970. Order KIT-757 with Crankshaft CKS-211 & HUS-226 and use KIT-1360 if compressor has CKS-211 and Aluminum Bearing Housing HUS-244.

• - If AN Model Compressor Has Crankshaft CKS-189 & Cast Iron Bearing Housing HUS-226, Use Gasket KIT- Part # KIT-971. Order KIT-756 with Crankshaft CKS-211 & HUS-226 and use KIT-1359 if compressor has CKS-211 and Aluminum Bearing Housing HUS-244.

• - If AP, AQ, & AR Model Compressors Have Crankshaft CKS-189 & Cast Iron Bearing Housing HUS-226, Use Gasket KIT- Part # KIT-972. Order KIT-758 with Crankshaft CKS-211 & HUS-226 and use KIT-1361 if compressor has CKS-211 and Aluminum Bearing Housing HUS-244.

• - If BU Model Compressor Has Crankshaft CKS-211 & Cast Iron Bearing Housing HUS-226, Use Gasket KIT- Part # KIT-875. Order KIT-1362 if compressor has CKS-211 and Aluminum Bearing Housing HUS-244.



Models SAB, SABC, & SBB Kits

Part Number Description
KIT-1765 Ring Set 1st And 2nd Stage
KIT-1373 Gasket Kit
KIT-1006 First Stage Valve Kit
KIT-1007 2nd Stage Valve Kit
KIT-1008 High Pressure Valve Kit
KIT-1431 1 1/16" Dia. HP Ring Set (SAB, SABC Only)
KIT-1322 1 1/4" Dia. HP Ring Set (SAB, SABC Only)
KIT-1633 1 1/4" Dia Hp Ring Set (SBB Only)
KIT-1432 Unloader Valve Kit
KIT-1292 High Pressure Separator Kit
KIT-1634 Spares SB Units
KIT-1632 Spares SA Units
GRD-595 First stage suction valve guard
GRD-594 Discharge valve guard
PLT-3199 Upper plate, suction valve
PLT-3198 Lower plate, discharge valve
PLU-681 Suction valve plug
GDE-91 Valve guide
DIS-118 Valve disc
INS-173 Suction port insert
INS-199 Discharge port insert
VAL-1448 Second stage suction valve assembly
SET-176 Valve seat
STR-15 Valve strip
GRD-593 Valve guard
VAL-1449 Second stage discharge valve assembly
SET-177 Valve seat
GRD-592 Valve guard
VAL-1644 Unloader valve assembly
BRG-648 Conn. Rod bearing insert