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Motorized Ball Drain Valves for Compressed Air

If you need to drain an air receiver or other similar pressure vessel the best choice is a ball valve drain. Compared to other types of drain valves, ball valve drains are not affected as quickly by dirt, oily sludge, rust, and the other gunk that comes out of receiver tanks. Motorized ball valve drains with timers are a little more expensive than direct acting drains, however the headaches saved probably make the expense worthwhile.

If you are unsure which model to choose, use our Search by Application Installation to find where they are to be installed on a compressed air system.


Motorized Ball Valve, 0 - 230 psi

Starting at: $288.92

Sure Drain BVD

Motorized Ball Valve, 0 - 600 psi & 0 - 2000 psi

Starting at: $341.45

TEC-44 Motorized Ball Valves

Motorized Ball Valve, 0 - 7000 psi