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Hitachi E Series Vortex Blowers

Hitachi E Series Vortex Blowers

High Volume Compressor Blower

The E Series High Volume Vortex Blower is a smaller more efficient Blower that generates air by non-interference, single path air compression, enabling greater efficiency for larger air volume applications.

Versatility of Design

  • The E-Series Vortex Blower can be utilized in both discharge and suction applications.
  • The E-Series Vortex Blower is designed to provide non-pulsating air flow.

Oil-less Design

  • 100% oil-less, environmentally friendly design
  • Hitachi VB E-Series does not contribute to environmental emissions

Flexible Installation

  • The HITACHI Radial Vane Impeller Design enables operation in either a Suction or Discharge application with the same efficiency, giving the E-Series Vortex Blower the capability to be used in a variety of applications.

Industry Leading Sound Levels

  • Sound levels as low as 49 dBA.

Space Saving

  • Unit is compact in overall dimension.
E series Blower
Product Selection
VB-001SE-U 0.095 1.4-/0.7 4.0/2.2 25 26.5 58

VB-080-E2 8.8 31-28/14 230-275/138 102.4 513 81.5

VB-019E-U 1.75 6.7-6.1/3.1 45.0-54.0/27.0 65 160 74

VB-007SE-U 0.7 9.4/4.7 44.0/22.0 47 110 68

VB-002SE-U 0.185 2.4/1.2 8.2/4.1 31 46 61

VB-110-E2 12.5 43-41/20 375-445/223 118.1 655 81

VB-040-E2 3.3 12-11/5.5 105-120/60 82.7 283 73

VB-004E-U 0.4 1.9-1.7/0.85 8.0-9.0/5.0 39 75 61

VB-003SE-U 0.295 3.5/1.7 10.6/5.3 32.5 63.5 63

VB-060-E2 6.2 22-20/10 168-200/100 100.4 372 77

VB-007E-U 0.72 3.2-3.0/1.5 15.0-17.0/9.0 47 110 68

VB-004SE-U 0.39 6.0/3.0 20.0/10.0 39 75 61

Model Max Output Vacuum (KW) FLA Amps (A) Locked Rotor AMPS (A) Maximum Inches of H2O Operating at Pressure or Vacuum Max Volume (CFM) Decibels (DBA)

A cup shaped impeller design minimizes turbulence maximizing air volume production. Hitachis blower impeller design and single path air compression lets you use smaller blowers for large air volume applications. You save money by purchasing a Hitachi blower that costs less than competitive blowers and makes the same or more air.

Hitachis E Series Vortex Blower can be used in a variety of applications. The Hitachi radial vane impeller design allows operation in either direction with the same efficiency.  


Cut away


Versatile Design

  • Suction and discharge application
  • Non-pulsating air flow
  • Blower works in both direction (vacuum or pressure) with similar efficiency

Oil-Less Air

  • Oil-Free air
  • Zero harmful emissions
How it Works

Hitachis blower creates compression between the impeller and blower casing forming compression pockets in each impeller vane.

  1. To operate, air is drawn through the inlet by the rotating impeller.
  2. Air moves outward radially in the casing (by centrifugal force) to form "vortex flow."
  3. During this rotation, amounts of air progress from one compression pocket to the next.
  4. This process is repetitive and builds vacuum or pressure.


How it Works

Spencer Cross Referencing

eCompressedair supplies Hitachi regenerative vortex blowers. The table below shows the Hitachi model that is equivalent to a corresponding Spencer blower model.

Spencer Turbine manufactures regenerative blowers in Windsor, Connecticut. Before Spencer manufactured their own blowers they distributed Hitachi vortex blowers. The specifications and even model numbers are similar. Hitachi has manufactured regenerative blowers since 1969 and is the largest manufacturer of blowers in the World.

In the table, click the Hitachi model to buy, see pricing or specifications.

Hitachi Model Spencer Model Hitachi Max Volume (CFM) Hitachi Input Power Spencer Max Volume (CFM) Hitachi Input Power
VB-001SE-U VB-001 26.5 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz 25 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz
VB-002SE-U VB-002S 46 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz 40 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz
VB-003SE-U VB-003S 63.5 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz 60 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz
VB-004E-U VB-004 75 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz 72 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-004SE-U VB-004S 75 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz 72 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz
VB-007E-U VB-007 110 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz 107 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-007SE-U VB007S 110 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz 107 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz
VB-019E-U VB-019 160 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz 160 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-030E-U VB-030 200 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz 210 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-040-E2 VB-037 283 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz 262 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-060-E2 VB-055 372 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz 370 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-080-E2 VB-075 513 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz 495 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-110-E2 VB-110 655 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz 645 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
Gast Cross Referencing

Gast Manufacturing Inc of Benton Harbor Michigan makes the Regenair line of regenerative blowers. To replace a Gast blower with a Hitachi blower see the table below. Gast blowers are matched to Hitachi blowers by model number.

To buy, see pricing or specifications click on the Hitachi model number.

Hitachi Model Gast Model(s) Hitachi Max Volume (CFM) Gast Max Volume (CFM) Input Power Hitachi or Gast
VB-001SE-U R1102 26.5 27 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz
VB-002SE-U R2103 46 42 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz
VB-003SE-U R3305A-1 63.5 53 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz
VB-004E-U R4310A-2 75 92 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-004SE-U R4110-2 75 92 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz
VB-007E-U R4310
110 92 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-007SE-U R4110
110 92 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz
VB-019E-U R5325A-2 160 160 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-030E-U R6P355A 200 215 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-040-E2 R6P355A 283 215 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-060-E2 R7100A-3 372 420 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-080-E2 R6PP3110M 513 520 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz
VB-110-E2 R93150A 655 680 3-phase, 200-230/460V, 60Hz