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Residual Oil-Vapour Monitoring

Beko Metpoint OCV OverviewCompressed air which is contaminated by oil is a concern for every compressed air user Depending on the application, there are risks for production plants, the environment or even for a person\'s health. We can say one thing for sure though: Because of the environmental / suction air, an oil free compressor does not automatically guarantee for oil free compressed air. Furthermore, oil free compressors require maintenance and can fail causing catostrophic results.

In most cases, a certain residual amount of oil content cannot be entirely avoided in standard applications. The compressed air class as defined in ISO 8753-1 provide an exact guideline for the assessment of the compressed air quality. The system supervises the amount of residual oil in the compressed air flow down to the range of a thousandth of a mg/m3. Inadmissible residual oil concentrations can be identified and signaled reliably, and the consequences of an oil leak avoided.

BEKO METPOINT® OCV Hydrocarbon Monitoring Systems

for 3/4" to 3" Pipes and Custom Length

Starting at: $20,685.50