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What is the CHX System Flow Controller?

The CHX Series is a balanced flow controller that provides an economical and reliable single point of control when it comes to controlling the air pressure delivered to your operation. Opposed to a simple regulator that cannot deliver air volume above its set point, the CHX Series is designed to recognize and react to an increase in flow demand.

Why use a CHX System Flow Controller?

Regardless of the care that is taken when an air system is designed and installed, it is still going to have leaks and waste. When the working pressure delivered to the system is reduced, the volume of air lost to those leaks and waste is dramatically reduced. The reduction of lost air results in less run time for an air compressor, which increases the life of your compressor. The lower power consumption and decreased maintenance costs associated with less air compressor run time are direct improvements to the bottom line.

Champion CHX1000-LR Flow Controller, 1000 SCFM (Left to Right)

Part #: CHX1000-LR
1000 SCFM (Left to Right)

Champion CHX1000-RL Flow Controller, 1000 SCFM (Right to Left)

Part #: CHX1000-RL
1000 SCFM (Right to Left)

Champion CHX200-LR Flow Controller, 200 SCFM (Left to Right)

Part #: CHX200-LR
200 SCFM (Left to Right)

Champion CHX200-RL Flow Controller, 200 SCFM (Right to Left)

Part #: CHX200-RL
200 SCFM (Right to Left)

Champion CHX75-LR Flow Controller, 75 SCFM (Left to Right)

Part #: CHX75-LR
75 SCFM (Left to Right)

Champion CHX75-RL Flow Controller, 75 SCFM (Right to Left)

Part #: CHX75-RL
75 SCFM (Right to Left)