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Stop Noise Before it Starts

The deafening roar of air exhaust isn\'t just distracting - it also can be dangerous. Control the noise and help keep employees safe with Atomuffler® and Bantam® brand mufflers and filters for noise control and filtering needs, manufactured exclusively by Allied Witan Company (ALWITCO).

How They Work

Atomuffler® and Bantam® muffler and filter product lines reduce excessive noise by dividing the air stream and turning it back on itself. As air exhaust enters the muffler at high velocity, Atomuffler and Bantam mufflers redirect it into smaller air streams that rebound off opposing walls of the muffler chamber. With air streams colliding head-on with each other, velocity is reduced and the exhaust air is gently dispersed throughout the disseminator surface area. This technique reduces noise without sacrificing machine performance.

How They Help

Atomuffler® brand mufflers have been used for more than 60 years, and Bantam® mufflers for more than 40 years. Both product lines have proven themselves time and again for effectiveness, value and superiority. They have an outstanding ability to control excessive noise for more pleasant working environments while reducing the potential of physical injuries caused by extreme air blasts.