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9013F FeaturedA pressure switch is simply a device that reacts to the changing pressure in a system. As it reacts to that pressure change in the system the pressure switch generates or drops an outgoing signal that is used to initiate another action. In the case of an air compressor, the "another action" is to turn on or turn off the electric motor.

Because there are so many different types of air compressors, electrically driven, rotary screw, reciprocating and natural gas, a dependable air compressor pressure switch is key to the delivered service.  An unloader valve that senses line pressure and provides a control signal to system valves is a feature to make sure your air compressor pressure switch is equipped with.

9013G FeaturedWhen considering an air compressor switch look at these different suggestions before purchasing; operating pressure range, type of fluid:  gas or liquid, sensor mechanism for the pressure switch and the operating temperature.  A disconnect metal lever is also recommended in manually turning off the compressor.  Other features to look for are a no drift pressure setting, corrosion proof covers and a pulsation dampener.

Pumptrol Air Compressor Pressure Switch

Class 9013 Type FHG