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112CR-3-000 Safety Valve Stainless Steel

112CR-3-000 Safety Valve Stainless Steel

Part #: 1234066
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3/8" 25-300 PSI AMSE Coded




Model 112CR Stainless Steel Safety Valve is an ASME Code Certified, precision machined all stainless steel valve with a hard seat. This valve supports ASME Code applications up to 300 psi. Its all stainless steel construction is well suited to even the harshest conditions.

Brass versions of the Model 112C are available in straight brass or electroless nickel plating. Any version of the Model 112C Safety Valve can be delivered with an ASME certified steam rating.

The Model 112CR, like every Safety Valve, is set and tested at factory for quality and dependability.

The Model 112C Safety Valve is approved in Massachusetts and Washington DC and is stamped with UV & NB symbols. Registered in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Set pressure range 25 to 300 psi (5 psi increments only)
Maximum temperature 400°F

Detail Features: 

  • All stainless steel construction.
  • ASME Sec. VIII, Air, Gas and Steam, 'UV' Stamp.
  • Brass Construction, ASTM B16.
  • Electroless Nickel plated stem.
  • Every safety valve is set and tested at the factory.
  • Heavy duty construction for lasting performance.
  • Kingston quality design, engineering and precision manufacturing.
  • National Board Certified, 'NB' Stamp.
  • Pop-style safety valve.
  • Precision machined for smooth operation.
  • Precision Machined Hard Seat, 440C stainless steel ball.
  • Pull-ring for manual testing.
  • Registered in all Canadian provinces and territories: CRN #0G3144.1C.
  • Set Pressure Range 25-300
  • Stainless Steel Ball, 440C.
  • Stainless steel spring.
  • Tested in National Board Approved Quality Assurance Process.
Model Name Inlet Size Inlet Orifice Min Temp Max Temp Pressure Range Height Width Thickness Hex Approx. Shipping Weight
112CR-3-000 3/8" 0.375 - 400 25-300 3-3/4" - - 7/8" 7 oz.

PSI Specification

If ordering online, at Step 4: Review Your Order, enter in the "Review Order Notes" box your PSI in increments of 5 according to the PSI range listed above. If ordering through customer service, be sure to let them know the PSI increment needed.