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Deltech HCL Series

Deltech HCL Series

Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer, Load Selectable (40-5400 scfm)

The HCS, HCT, HCL (40 - 5400 scfm) series are the most versatile and customable air dryers.  They offer three different control settings to fit a companies demand style and demand capacity.

These series also offer four different operating dew point temperatures allowing for a company to choose the right one for their needs.

These are heatless air dryers so there is a very low initial cost as well as the lowest maintenance cost of any dryer type.

The sleek design of these high capacity machines allows for a small footprint to save floor space in a factory where space is always limited.

• with Load Selectable Option
• -40°F Dew Point
• Maximum Ambient Air Temperature 120°F
• Maximum Inlet Air Temperature 120°F
• Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psig

If you have questions on how to properly select a compressed air dryer, contact our knowledgeable customer service toll-free: 866-650-1937 or send us an email request.

Product Selection
HCL-115 115 1 NPT 54 44 38 685 210

HCL-40 40 1 NPT 46 32 32 365 52

HCL-4100 4100 6 ANSI 122 93 85 9900 5398

HCL-1550 1550 4 ANSI 115 71 56 4167 2064

HCL-930 930 2 NPT 109 59 56 2414 1180

HCL-450 450 2 NPT 71 55 38 1350 542

HCL-165 165 1 NPT 54 44 38 685 210

HCL-60 60 1 NPT 61 32 32 445 80

HCL-5400 5400 6 ANSI 122 102 86 12000 7200

HCL-2100 2100 4 ANSI 116 79 56 4417 2520

HCL-1130 1130 3 ANSI 112 63 56 2875 1420

HCL-590 590 2 NPT 101 52 48 1473 708

HCL-260 260 2 NPT 72 48 38 1010 318

HCL-90 90 1 NPT 78 32 32 575 110

HCL-3000 3000 4 ANSI 122 78 65 9010 3734

HCL-1350 1350 3 ANSI 117 65 56 3722 1846

HCL-750 750 2 NPT 104 54 48 2134 906

HCL-370 370 2 NPT 63 55 38 1215 457

Model Capacity @ 100 psig (7 bar)  SCFM Connection (inches NPT/ANSI) Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in) Weight  (lbs) Dessicant weight (lbs)

Since 1961, compressed air users have relied on Deltech to deliver technology that reduces the cost of operation and improves the reliability of air driven processes in sensitive applications. Demand Deltech for the choices that deliver the optimal solution. Select from 3 application engineered heatless dryer designs that meet the needs of industry with economy and performance. HCS, HCL or HCT Series heatless desiccant dryers provide consistent outlet pressure dew points to -100°F (-73°C). 

Microelectronics, food packaging, paper, glass, pharmaceutical, powder painting, hospital laboratories: these industries are a small representative sample of industries utilizing desiccant dryers. They all have one thing in common...they need to save space on the factory/laboratory floor. These sleek designs and compact footprints help engineers address those needs.


Standard Instrumentation

  • Built to NEMA 4 Electrical Construction Code
  • Up flow drying which allows heavy contaminates and water to drip down and protect the desiccant bed
  • All designs use AccuShift™ Switching valves
  • Left and right tower pressure gages with purge pressure gage
  • Throttling valve allows for accurate purge air adjustment

Three different design options to fit industrial demand:

Series Differences:

HCS Series: Automatic Energy Savings with CompuSaveEMS

HCS Series with CompuSaveEMS automatically computes purge air requirements to deliver maximum energy savings in proportion to the demand on the system. The energy savings go right to your bottom line. Controller features vacuum fluorescent text display that communicates energy savings, operating mode and service reminders. Select from one of four ISO 8573.1 pressure dew point settings for seasonal efficiencies.

HCL Series: Load selectable savings

HCL Series provides user with load selectable energy savings. Tailor the drying cycles, to match reduced peak air demands. This advanced controller offers 8 capacity settings, in 10 percent increments and, 4 pressure dew point settings to further tune your savings and, adapt to climatic changes in your environment.

HCT Series: -40°F Dew Point Performance - Pure and Simple

HCT Series presents traditional heatless drying technology. A simple timer based controller delivers precise operation to deliver maximum value to applications that operate at or near full capacity. Automatic time controlled bed regeneration cycles offer consistent performance and economy of purchase.


How it Works

Moist, filtered air enters the pressurized on-line desiccant filled drying Tower 1 through AccuShift™ valve (A).  Up-flow drying enab;es the desiccant to strip the air stream of moisture.  Clean, dry compressed air exits through AccuShift™ valve (B) to feed the air system. 

Tower 2 (when in regeneration  mode) depressurizes to atmosphere through muffler (C) when valve (D) opens.  A portion of dry compressed air (purge air) is diverted before exiting (B) and passes through off-line Tower 2 and exits at valve (D) to desorb the moisture from the desiccant.  Once desorbed, valve (D) closes and Tower 2 is repressurized.  At tower shift-over, valve (E) will open, causing AccuShift™ valves (A & B) to shift.  Tower 2 will be placed on-line to dry the bed.  Operations will switch and Tower 1 will be regenerated.



More Information

Link to HCS/HCT/HCL series brochure: