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Walker Filtration Pro SFD Desiccant Dryers

Walker Filtration Pro SFD Desiccant Dryers

Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers -40°F Dew Point (4-365 scfm)

The Walker Filtration Pro SFD series regenerative desiccant dryer makes a great point-of-use dryer that can run up to 12,000 hours before it's first scheduled maintenance.

The Walker Filtration Pro SFD Series is a very efficient Dryer that can be outfitted to fit different needs.  First, the MDD series offers a multitude of additional energy saving control features, which allows the dryer to be linked with a compressor control system and reduces air consumption during periods of low demand.

Second, the Pro SFD series is extremely easy to maintain. All desiccant beads come inside of pre filled cartridges. These cartridges can be replaced quickly and easily saving you valuable maintenance time.  The Pro SFD is not large in size can also be easily wall mounted to save space. The Pro SFD desiccant dryer is perfect for scfm ranges of 4 to 365.

• -40°F Dew Point
• Inlet Air Temperature 35°F - 122°F
• Operating Pressure: 58 - 232 psig
• Minimum Ambient Temperature 42°F
• All in one, easy to change desiccant cartridge/filter

Product Selection
PD006N 6 3/8\\\\" 20.0 11.0 3.6 31 115V

PD215N 215 1-1/2\\\" 55.8 20.5 13.5 379 115V

PD105N 105 1\\\" 55.8 20.5 7.0 200 115V

PD055N 55 3/4\\\\\" 31.8 20.5 7.0 130 115V

PD025N 25 3/8\\" 42.0 11.0 3.6 53 115V

PD008N 8 3/8\\\\\" 22.0 11.0 3.6 33 115V

PD275N 275 1-1/2\\" 63.5 20.5 13.5 423 115V

PD135N 135 1-1/4\\" 63.5 20.5 7.0 225 115V

PD065N 65 3/4\\\" 36.0 20.5 7.0 141 115V

PD035N 35 3/8\\\\\\" 57.5 11.0 3.6 68 115V

PD010N 10 3/8\\\\\" 25.0 11.0 3.6 36 115V

PD004N 4 3/8\\\\" 17.5 11.0 3.6 29 115V

PD365N 365 1-1/2\\" 79.5 20.5 13.5 511 115V

PD175N 175 1-1/4\\" 79.5 20.5 7.0 271 115V

PD085N 85 1\\" 43.5 20.5 7.0 165 115V

PD045N 45 3/4\\\\\" 28.0 20.5 7.0 117 115V

PD015N 15 3/8\\\\\" 32.0 11.0 3.6 43 115V

Model Capacity (SCFM) Connection (FNPT/ANSI) Height (in, A) Width (in, B) Depth (in, C) Weight (lbs) Standard Voltage

Energy Efficiency

Compressed air accounts for approximately 10% of the energy used in industry today. A compressed air system is one of the most important determinants of overall system efficiency and represents one of the largest opportunities for energy savings on any site. There can also be significant cost benefits of an efficiently designed and maintained compressed air system. The Pro SFD series offers a multitude of additional energy saving features, which allows the dryer to be linked with a compressor control system and reduces air consumption during periods of low demand. Walker's Pro SFD Series is designed to provide a smooth, controlled, uninterrupted delivery of dry compressed air.  These dryers can fulfill the need of many low flow applications.

With flow rates from 4 scfm (7 Nm3/h - 1.94 l/s) to 365 scfm (620 Nm3/h - 172 l/s), the entire range can operate at -40¼C / -40¼F pressure dewpoint as standard, with an option of -70¼C / -100¼F for more critical applications. The range has been designed and engineered to meet the air purity class in accordance with ISO 8753:1-2001 (E).


Each Walker Pro SFD unit has been designed to suit a multitude of requirements and is suitable for installation in many countries. The Walker Pro SFD range adheres to our innovative principles and provides the most essential features needed for the most effective solutions.

Walker Pro SFD Features

  • Suitable for worldwide installation
  • Approved to International Standards including PED & European directives
  • Multi-voltage capabilities
  • Extruded aluminum towers fully painted for corrosion protection
  • Removable front panel allows for easy access for servicing
  • Standard controller incorporates an optional energy management system which operates in conjunction with dedicated compressors
  • Intelligent electronic processor
  • Simple purge plug change out, no need to dismantle units
  • Easy and efficient servicing
  • Spring loaded desiccant cartridges to avoid desiccant attrition
  • Clear cartridges designed to enable visible inspection of desiccant condition
  • Internal silencer to reduce noise levels and ensure a smooth chamber depressurization
  • Suitable for wall mounting (models PD004- PD035) and horizontal integration (all models)
  • Minimal serviceable spares

Walker Pro SFD Benefits

  • Economical to use
    • Aircels high performance dryers provide a host of financial benefits such as an integral electronic drain and service interval indication, all of which are included in the standard dryer package.
  • Clean & dry air
    • With XA grade 0.01 micron oil removal filtration (supplied as standard on all models), an integral 1 micron dust filter and a choice of -40¼C / -40¼F or -70¼C / -100¼F pressure dewpoints, Walker Pro SFD meets and exceeds the highest standards of purity as specified in ISO 8573:1-2001.
  • Worldwide installation
    • The units can recognise any voltage between 100-240 VAC and also any voltage between 12 to 24 VDC, meaning the Walker Pro SFD can be operated anywhere in the world. All dryers are built to be fully compliant with all approvals. Standard voltage if 115V for online purchases.
  • Intelligent processor
    • A feature of each unit is an intelligent built-in central processing unit (CPU). The optional software interface package provides a sophisticated system which allows for remote interrogation of the dryer. The CPU is serialized and is housed in an IP65 rated enclosure.
  • Energy management
    • Walker Pro SFD offers a multitude of additional energy saving features. From a simple power on indicator through to a service warning light, the effective energy saving feature allows the dryer to be linked with a compressor control system and reduces air consumption during periods of low demand.
  • Condensate management
    • Condensate management is essential to maximize dryer efficiency. Walker Pro SFD is supplied with an integral electronic drain valve which is operated and controlled by the CPU. This drain valve opens at the end of every cycle when an indicator illuminates and the CPU checks for any sign of malfunction in the dryer. Operation of the unit is viewed by the diagnostic control panel located on the front of each unit.
  • Desiccant Cartridges
    • An improved desiccant cartridge design with integral handle facilitates a simple and clean change out procedure.

Dryer Accessories

12,000 hour service kit includes: desiccant cartridges, spare pre-filter element, pack of sealing O rings and washers, instruction leaflet.

Valve service kit: Shuttle seats, shuttles, pressure plugs, diaphragms, diaphragm brass discs, conical compression springs, exhaust solenoid valves, controller reset cap and a full set of replacement O rings..

How it Works

How the Walker Pro SFD Works

Walker Pro SFD is designed to provide a smooth, controlled, uninterrupted delivery of dry compressed air.

Wet air passes through a pre-filter and travels down to the bottom valve assembly. The air is then fed through the bottom of the desiccant bed and moves through the high performance desiccant until it becomes dry. On exit from the desiccant cartridge, the air is passed through the outlet valve assembly.

During this process, the dryer control system cycles the process air between the two desiccant towers. While one chamber is on stream removing water vapour, the other is being carefully depressurized in preparation for regeneration. The desiccant bed is regenerated by expanding a small amount of dry process air, or purge air, through the saturated desiccant.

Purge air passes to the atmosphere through the silencer, which is fitted to an exhaust valve. The chamber is then repressurized, with the control system assuring each chamber is at full operational pressure prior to changeover. This ensures a reliable and efficient operation. The air stream is switched and the cycle repeats on a continuous basis




The Aircel MDD is a specialty product designed only for and is not included in Aircels product line. This product is not available by contacting Aircel directly.


Parts & Options

Available Options & Replacement Parts/Kits

  • Service Cartridge Kit - 2/4/8 cartridges (12,000 hour service cartridge kit includes desiccant cartridges, spare pre-filter element, pack of sealing O rings and washers, instruction leaflet
  • Valve Service Kit (24,000 hour kit includes exhaust solenoid valves, diaphragms, shuttle valve and O rings, required seals (not includes desiccant cartridges)
  • Optional Software (includes energy management, monitoring and diagnostics software)
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Foot Mounting Bracket
  • Shuttle Kit (includes shuttle seats, shuttles, exhaust block shuttles, O-rings, seals and exhaust shuttle installation tool
  • Tool Diaphragm Kit (includes valve diaphragm and diaphragm spring)
  • Bottom Diaphragm Kit
  • Silencer Kit
  • Controller Assembly Kit (includes electronic controller complete with solenoid valves)
  • PD1 Controller without Valves
  • PD2 Controller without Valves
  • Purge Plug Kit (includes one sized purge plug with O-rings)
  • DIN Plug Kit (includes DIN plug, gasket and screw)

Contact our customer service team by calling toll-free 866-650-1937 or email for more information about the Pro SFD dryer or for customized options, replacement parts/kits and quotes.