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BEKO DRYPOINT® MDp Premium Series Membrane Dryer

BEKO DRYPOINT® MDp Premium Series Membrane Dryer

Inlet Flow 1.83 - 116 scfm / Inlet Dew Point +40°F - +100°F

Beko-Drypoint-Membrane-GroupDRYPOINT® M and M PLUS are available in various model sizes for different degrees of drying. As a tubular model for flow rates up to 7 scfm and as a housing model up to 116 scfm. Higher volume flows are achieved by the parallel connection of several membrane dryers.

The volume, flow, pressure, model size and purge air setting all exert influence on the drying capacity of DRYPOINT® M and M PLUS membrane air dryers.

Depending on these factors and other conditions, pressure dew point reductions between 40 °F and 100 °F or more can be achieved. Custom designs are also offered for special applications.

·  Integrated pre-filtration inside the membrane housing
·  Hassle free installation
·  Complete protection of your investment
·  Super-fast element change means ultra-low maintenance
·  Peak efficiency using Twist 60 technology

If you have questions on how to properly select a compressed air dryer, contact our knowledgeable customer service toll-free: 866-650-1937 or send us an email request.


Dimensions & Specifications

Search below based on your specific needs and click on a model to see pricing, order, or more information. If you have questions or would like to order over the telephone, call our customer service toll-free: 866-650-1937.

Models Inlet
NPT Conn
Pre-Filter Wall
DM 08-19 KA-N 1.83 1.65 10.43 1.81 1.06 ø 1.77 1/4" 1.74 included not-included
DM 08-24 KA-N 3.66 3.31 12.40 1.81 1.06 ø 1.77 1/4" 1.92 included not-included
DM 08-28 KA-N 5.49 4.97 13.98 1.81 1.06 ø 1.77 1/4" 2.07 included not-included
DM 08-34 KA-N 7.32 6.78 16.34 1.81 1.06 ø 1.77 1/4" 2.27 included not-included
DM 10-34 CA -N 10.45 9.39 13.34 (17.00) 2.95 1.10 - 3/8" 4.08 (4.13) included included
DM 10-41 CA -N 11.00 9.95 16.10 (19.76) 2.95 1.10 - 3/8" 4.58 (4.63) included included
DM 10-47 CA -N 14.60 13.20 18.46 (22.19) 2.95 1.10 - 3/8" 4.97 (5.07) included included
DM 20-48 CA -N 22.00 19.90 18.98 (22.57) 3.94 1.34 - 3/4" 7.66 (7.72) included included
DM 20-53 CA -N 29.30 26.50 20.95 (24.59) 3.94 1.34 - 3/4" 8.38 (8.38) included included
DM 20-60 CA -N 38.30 34.10 23.70 (27.35) 3.94 1.34 - 3/4" 8.99 (9.04) included included
DM 20-67 CA -N 49.30 44.00 26.46 (29.98) 3.94 1.34 - 3/4" 9.64 (9.75) included included
DM 40-61 CA -N 58.10 53.40 23.20 (31.30) 5.74 1.89 - 1-1/2" 17.14 (20.00) included included
DM 40-75 CA -N 89.50 80.10 28.30 (36.80) 5.74 1.89 - 1-1/2" 19.56 (22.44) included included
DM 40-90 CA -N 116.00 103.00 34.60 (42.75) 5.74 1.89 - 1-1/2" 22.00 (24.86) included included

* () dimensions & weight include wall-bracket in unit.



Thanks to the integration of the compressed air filter and the membrane dryer in a single unit, DRYPOINT® M PLUS offers exceptional reliability for every application. By taking advantage of the physical properties, the integrated construction is ideal in terms of airflow and filtration, because highly efficient filtration takes place immediately before the membrane. DRYPOINT® M PLUS compressed air membrane dryers are compact and effective, using the latest Twist 60 technology from BEKO.

Filtration and drying in a single unit

Filtration immediately before the membrane

Peak efficiency

Fast element replacement, low maintenance

Integral surge diverter



What is Twist 60?
Twist 60 represents the unique arrangement of membrane fibers when winding: the fibers build up in layers around the center tube of the membrane element, each layer crossing the one before.

What is the advantage?

The lowest purge consumption, which means low energy costs: The purge air is distributed effectively in the whole membrane element, thus using the maximum available contact surface. This results in a highly efficient drying process.

Low space requirements:
The principle of Twist 60 reduces the total height of the membrane element, thus resulting in a smaller dryer.


How it Works

Beko-Drypoint-How-it-Works1 Compressed air runs through the core pipe, and is then
diverted to the membrane element in the housing. The
compressed air, which is still humid, flows through the
highly selective hollow fiber membranes of the membrane
element inside.

2 The purge air, which is required for drying, diverges
continuously at the outlet area of the membrane element,
and expands to atmosphere using a fixed nozzle orifice.
Due to this expansion, the purge air becomes very, very
dry as the water vapor now fills an expanded volume.
The dry purge air flows over and around the exterior of the
membrane fibers.

3 As a result, air flows in one direction outside the
membrane, separated only by the membrane wall. Humid
compressed air flows inside the membrane as dry purge
air passes outside. Due to the difference in moisture
content in the passing airstreams, moisture from the
compressed air is drawn into the purge air. The use of
Twist 60 technology ensures maximum drying efficiency.

4 Dried compressed air leaving the membrane element.

5 Saturated purge air is released back to atmosphere.





Beko Drypoint Dimensions




Download more information about the BEKO DRYPOINT® M & M PLUS series here.


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