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Chicago Pneumatic QRS 10-04 In-Line Desiccant Dryer

The compressed air flow path through the dryer assures desiccant packing and maximum utilization of the desiccant's adsorption qualities. The compressed air enters the dryer (1) and is dispersed through a 70 micron polypropylene element (2) for the removal of particles. The air is then distributed uniformly through the full desiccant bed (3) to the bottom of the intake tube (4). The intake tube is protected by a 40 micron porous bronze element (5). As the desiccant adsorbs moisture, a dramatic and highly visible color change from dark blue to light pink is evident. The color change works its way through the desiccant as the adsorbative qualities of the desiccant are diminished. Once the color change is visible through the exclusive sight dome (6), the full desiccant bed has reached its maximum drying capacity and must be either changed or regenerated. Dry air exits through the inside diameter of the intake tube (7) and out the outlet port of the unit (8).

Adsorption means the attraction of a substance - the adsorbate - to, and its subsequent accumulation on, the surface of a solid material - the adsorbant -
which is caused by physical forces of attraction. Adsorbants are substances which are permeated by a large number of very fine pores which give rise to a large internal surface area. This, in turn, determines the adsorption capacity of the adsorbant, since a   large internal surface can accommodate more adsorbate. Other factors which influence the amount of adsorbate are: temperature, relative humidity and pressure.

Regeneration is accomplished by heating the desiccant to a temperature of 275°F in a drying oven. Regeneration is complete when the desiccant returns to its blue color.

Chicago Pneumatic QRS 10-04D In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer

Part #: 8940161795
15 CFM Color-Change Silica Gel Media

Chicago Pneumatic QRS 10-04 Silica Gel Desiccant

Part #: 8940161796
Pack of (6) 1 Quart Packages, Blue-to-Pink Silica Gel