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QRS-10DF Disposable In-Line Dryer (2 PC.)

QRS-10DF Disposable In-Line Dryer (2 PC.)

Part #: 8940161799
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15 CFM Mini Desiccant Dryer (-30°F Dew Point)




The Chicago Pneumatic QRS-10DF is a disposable filter/dryer designed to remove oil aerosols and any moisture that might by-pass your current air filtration system. It will provide dry air during its life, but is not designed to replace your current air filtration system. Used at the point-of-use, this patented, disposable, mini in-line desiccant dryer removes all traces of water vapor, oil vapor and dirt. It is often used directly upstream of blow guns or spray guns as final protection for critical parts blow off and paint spraying. Install in either direction; it functions in both directions. A 40 micron, porous bronze element removes fine dirt particles, an oil removing media removes oil vapor, and desiccant beads adsorb water vapor. The see-through housing shows desiccant color change, which indicates that the dryer needs to be replaced.

The QRS-10DF is equipped with a 1/4" NPT (F) & (M) ports and can be installed in either direction. When installing the filter/dryer hand tighten to a leak proof seal. Do not use any mechanical means to hold the filter/dryer and do not over torque the threads.

1. The unique feature of the filter/dryer design allows you to visually see when it is time to install a new QRS-10DF by observing the color change from the original dark color to a  complete light transparent color in the desiccant beads.
2. Do not attempt to clean the filter/dryer as the use of solvents, ketones, etc., will adversely affect the plastic housing.
3. Keep the hose free of snags. Extra tension on the filter/dryer assembly could break the unit at the connecting ports. To clear stuck hoses, grasp hose below the filter/dryer.

WARNING: This device will collect moisture which could freeze and rupture the unit if used below 32F.

QRS10DF Drawing