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A refrigerated air dryer removes moisture from the air through use of a heat exchanger. An air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger is used to cool the air so that the vapor condenses into water. This water is then collected and drained out of the system leaving only dry air. A refrigerated dryer typically has a dew point around 40°F.

A Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer will increase or decrease the refrigeration compressor load depending on the compressed air demands. These dryers will help save money by reducing power consumption while constantly providing consistent dew points.

A Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer is extremely reliable. Non-Cycling dryers can be sized for any application, and will always provide consistent dew points. Non-Cycling dryers also have very low maintenance costs.

A High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer is used in situations where extra refrigeration is needed to remove any water vapor from the air. These dryers are very similar to the non-cycling dryers, but they are oversized to ensure consistent dew points.

Learn more about Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers and the difference it can make in your compressed air system. Use our Dryer Sizing Tool to find a refrigerated dryer to fit your specifications. If you have questions on how to properly select a refrigerated dryer, contact our knowledgeable customer service toll-free: 866-650-1937 or send us an email request.