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Deltech HYDROGARD DES Series

Deltech HYDROGARD DES Series

Cycling Refrigerated Dryers 38°F Dew Point (800 - 3,000 scfm)

The HYDROGARD® DES series refrigerated air dryers offer a capacity range of 800-3000 scfm. The DES series is optimal for fluctuating air load demand because they are designed to match power consumption to actual load.

It is reliable and comes fully loaded with many features such as integral moisture separators/filters and user friendly interface with 10 language communications.

The DES comes with the HYDROGARDES controller that saves energy by automatically scrolling through 5 LCD screens that display different data and choosing what capacity load to operate at.

HYDROGARD® dryers meet the globally recognized ISO 8573.1 quality classes for compressed air treatment. Mainenance costs are reduced, downtime is minimized as improved air quality extends the service life of pneumatically operated components and production equipment.

• 38°F - 50°F Dew Point
• Ambient Air Temperature 35°F - 110°F
• Maximum Inlet Air Temperature 120°F
• Maximum Operating Pressure: 232 psig
• Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant R-404a

If you have questions on how to properly select a compressed air dryer, contact our knowledgeable customer service toll-free: 866-650-1937 or send us an email request.

Product Selection
DES-2500 2500 208-230/3/60 460/3/60 380-420/3/50 575/3/60 14.00 6" ANSI Flg. 85 55 60 2315 3.5

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DES-1500 1500 208-230/3/60 460/3/60 380-420/3/50 575/3/60 8.68 4" ANSI Flg. 85 49 51 1563 4.7

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DES-800 800 208-230/3/60 460/3/60 380-420/3/50 575/3/60 4.28 3" ANSI Flg. 85 49 41 1124 2.4

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DES-3000 3000 208-230/3/60 460/3/60 380-420/3/50 575/3/60 18.33 6" ANSI Flg. 85 55 60 1646 5.0

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DES-1750 1750 208-230/3/60 460/3/60 380-420/3/50 575/3/60 10.35 6" ANSI Flg. 85 55 60 1940 3.4

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DES-1000 - - - 3\" ANSI Flg. - - - - - 1000 208-230/3/60 460/3/60 380-420/3/50 575/3/60 4.68 85 49 41 1146 3.4

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DES-2000 2000 208-230/3/60 460/3/60 380-420/3/50 575/3/60 11.72 6" ANSI Flg. 85 55 60 1997 4.4 - - - - - - - -

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DES-1250 - - - 4\" ANSI Flg. - - - - - 1250 208-230/3/60 460/3/60 380-420/3/50 575/3/60 6.34 85 49 51 1521 3.6

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Model Rated Flow1 (scfm) Voltages (V/pH/Hz) Power2 (kW) Connections3 Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in) Weight (lbs) Total Pressure Drop with Integral 3 micron Filtration (psi) Rated Flow1 (scfm) Voltages (V/pH/Hz) Power2 (kW) Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in) Weight (lbs) Total Pressure Drop with Integral 3 micron Filtration (psi)

Designed to Match Power Consumption to Actual Load

The Deltech DES series is one up from the HGD Series. The difference is in Energy Savings. Equipped with advanced technology, the HYDROGARD® ES delivers purified compressed air while saving energy! The Energy Saving DES drying systems match power consumption to the ever-changing air demands of todays manufacturers. Controller logic engages or disengages the compression process to control the flow of refrigerant. This technology maintains stable dew point control and provides linear energy savings across the full operating range. DES offers premier quality compressed air and energy savings beyond traditional non-cycling, cycling, and variable speed designs.

Save Engery, Save Money

The DES provides return on your investment:

  • Energy savings to 91% in disengaged compression mode
  • Precise matching of input kW power to average air load
  • Qualifying for energy rebates offered by utility companies
  • ISO 8573-1 Quality Class 1:4/5:1 Performance protects products and processes from airborne contaminant losses

The DES controller receives information from the sensory system that is used to engage and disengage the compression process and manage the flow of cold liquid refrigerant. For example, if the heat load coming into the system represents 70% of the design capacity, the compressor will remain engaged for 70% of the time. This delivers approximately 30% energy savings.

Just like the HGD, the DES is an all-inclusive drying system.  The DES eliminates the added purchase costs and installation complexity required by separate filtration. No need to pipe extra filters into the air system and then pipe away the condensate - DES simply integrates it all into one clean package.


Standard Features:

  • 316 stainless steel, brazed plate heat exchangers feature low, pressure drop and, unparalleled performance and reliability
  • Integral Grade D Moisture Separator/Filter removes bulk liquid and solid particulates down to 3 micron
  • Integral Grade B High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter removes oil at +35°F to ensure virtually no condensable hydrocarbons remain
  • Fully automatic, demand operated Condensate Drain


Integrated Filtration

  • Standard integrated filtration removes bulk liquids, particulates down to 3 micron and oil to 5 ppm/wt.
  • Optional PyramidTM Refrigerated Drying system with integral filtration removes solids to 0.01 micron and oil aerosols to 0.008 ppm/wt.
  • Electric demand drain effectively discharges condensate without air loss

Axial Engagement Compression

  • Instantaneously loads and unloads based on demand
  • Axial engagement compression raises and lowers the fixed upper scroll to engage or disengage the orbiting lower scroll
  • Manages refrigerant flow, stabilizes dew point and saves energy


  • Advanced controls precisely manage the refrigerant compression process
  • Regulates the flow of cold liquid refrigerant and maintains stable dew point control
    • For example, if the heat load coming into the dryer represents 70% of the design capacity, the compressor will remain loaded for 70% of the time. This delivers approximately 30% energy savings.

The HYDROGARD ES controller automatically scrolls through five LCD screens that display:

  • Date/Time/Operating Status
  • Hours-to-Service
  • Total Compressor Operating Hours
  • Instantaneous Load1
  • Cumulative Energy Savings2

1 Instantaneous Load is displayed in "real time" as a percentage of design capacity. Int he example above, it would display 70% load.
Cumulative Energy Savings provides for US Dollar or Euro cost inputs

How it Works

The HYDROGARD® Solution

Space-saving PYRAMID drying systems employ a three-part-process to arrive at technically oil-free compressed air from a single package.

First, compressed air is chilled to a +35°F evaporator temperature using environmentally friendly R134a or R404a refrigerants. Cold liquid refrigerant and warm compressed air flow counter-current through a series of high-yield reciprocating passages crafted from 316ss plates. Nested in alternating layers, this delivers energy efficiency and thermal cooling for precise pressure dew point control.

Second, the chilled saturated air stream enters a Grade D Separator/Filter that removes the condensate and scrubs the air of all particulates 3 microns in diameter and larger. This two-stage filter is uniquely designed to provide consistent moisture removal at all flow rates.

Third, the cold scrubbed air stream enters a Grade B High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter that polishes the air stream thus, removing any remaining oil to 0.008 ppm w/w as it strips remaining particulates to 0.01 micron. PYRAMID delivers technically oil-free compressed air that contains virtually no condensable hydrocarbons to contaminate your operations and processes.

More Information

Deltech HYDROGARD® DES Series Brochure: