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Aircel ACF20B 20 SCFM Particulate/Coalescer Filter Element

Aircel ACF20B 20 SCFM Particulate/Coalescer Filter Element

Part #: ACF20B
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1 Micron / .1 ppm oil removal




Particulate/Coalescer Filter Replacement for Aircel Model ACFH20B - 20 CFM Filter Assembly

Each Aircel Particulate/Coalescer Filter is designed with a unique 'push on' feature on the Aircel filter assemblies, which reduces maintenance time and allows the filter to be located in the most confined places. Each is manufactured using die-cast aluminium housings for pressure ratings up to 232 psi. They are a proven success due to the inclusion of such features as differential pressure indicators which allow continuous monitoring of filter performance.

Filter Specifications

  • Maximum particle size class to ISO 8573.1: 2
  • Maximum oil content class to ISO 8573.1: 2
  • Particle removal: 1 Micron
  • Maximum oil carryover at 20°C (68°F): 0.1 ppm
  • Maximum temperature: 248°F
  • Pressure Loss - clean & dry: 1.1 psi
  • Pressure loss - oil saturated: 2.2 psi
  • Pressure loss - change element: 6 psi
  • Maximum working pressure: 232 psig