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Aircel WA-800 Water-Cooled Aftercooler

Aircel WA-800 Water-Cooled Aftercooler

Part #: 1215157

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800 scfm Tube 3"/Shell 2" NPT, Single Pass Design




Aircel Water-Cooled Aftercoolers and separators are an ideal combination to remove troublesome moisture from compressed air. With proper installation of aftercoolers and matching liquid separators, it has shown that they perform effectively in maintaining trouble-free operation of compressed air equipment. By lowering the temperature of the compressed air in downstream air lines using water-cooled aftercoolers, up to 70% of the water vapor present condenses to a liquid, which can then be removed by moisture separators.

Features & Benefits

• Single pass design with smooth surface copper tubes minimizes fouling and allows lower pressure drop. Two pss design is available, contact customer service.
• Counter-flow shell and tube design provides close approach temperature; gains maximum heat removal benefit from expensive cooling water.
• Cooper heat exchanger surfaces provide excellent heat transfer rate.
• Seamless shells have maximum rupture strength and corrosion resistance.
• Tube rolled into tubesheet eliminates thermal stress.
• Removable end bonnets facilitate cleaning and servicing.
• Drain ports on shell side for easy maintenance.
• Compact package provides smaller footprint.
• Can be mounted in horizontal or vertical positions.
• Matching Water Separator available online, see chart below for matching model.

Dimensions & Specifications

Capacity (scfm) Dimensions (inches) Connections (NPT)
Model Number Rotary 200°F Inlet 2-Stage 250°F Inlet Diameter Length Weight (lbs.) Water Air Matching Separator Model
WA-800 800 650 6 51.12 130 2.0 3.0 AG-Z0144SP
More Information

Aircel CAA / WA Aftercoolers Series

Brochure (pdf)

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