Atomuffler F-Series Filter Silencer Mufflers

Atomuffler F-Series Filter Silencer Mufflers

Filters out dirt particles as small as 5 micron

1239083 - Blow Up (MASTER)The Atomuffler® F-Series Filter Silencer Mufflers provide reliable and effective filtration and noise suppression from compressed air systems. Often imitated but never replicated, Atomuffler® brand mufflers have managed excessive noise and promoted employee safety for more than 60 years. These leading product designs dissipate harmful air blasts and reduce Exponentially Perceived Noise (EPNdB).

Atomuffler® products have a unique air-diffuser system that is a proven approach to sound control and are easy to install and use. Leading noise consultants and safety engineers throughout the world recommend use of Atomuffler® products.

When you specify the Atomuffler® brand, you can be confident you're getting the ultimate in noise reduction, advanced muffler design, exceptional service and value. Just like thousands of other plants, your facility can have a more pleasant and productive work environment by reducing extreme air blasts and air noise.


  • • Reduces perceived noise without impeding equipment or flow performance.
  • • Exhaust air flows to atmosphere free of noise, oil fog, and other contaminants.
  • • Unique obstruction-free expansion chamber.
  • • Corrosion-resistant aluminium end covers.
  • • Zinc-plated steel components.
  • • Cellulose fiber element.
  • • Recommended for pressures up to 125 psi.
  • • Maximum Temperature: 300F