Bantam Muffler B-Series Air Exhaust Mufflers

Bantam Muffler B-Series Air Exhaust Mufflers

Ideal for use where space is limited

Bantam - Featured w/o WMThe Bantam® B-Series Mufflers provide reliable and effective filtration and noise suppression from compressed air systems. These mufflers are durable and small, making them ideal for applications where space is limited. Tough and compact, corrosion-resistant construction is suitable for continuous heavy-duty use. Bantam® mufflers have managed excessive noise and promoted employee safety for more than 40 years.

Unit should be mounted in a protective position, free from excessive vibration. Just like thousands of other plants, your facility can have a more pleasant and productive work environment by reducing extreme air blasts and air noise.


  • • Constructed of corrosion-resistant metals to withstand shock, with different models offering continuous heavy-duty use under all types of conditions
  • • Standard features include the original, precise distribution of peripheral openings in a zinc-plated steel and brass acoustical element, which softly disperses exhaust air uniformly over a 360° pattern
  • • All stainless steel construction available for very corrosive or sensitive situations
  • • Supplied with a standard pipe thread fitting for attaching directly to the exhaust ports of air-operated equipment
  • • Recommended for general purpose air exhaust applications for pressures up to 175 psi