Bantam Muffler D-Series End Flow Mufflers

Bantam Muffler D-Series End Flow Mufflers

Directional flow in a compact design

End Flow - Blow Up (MASTER)The Bantam® D-Series End Flow Mufflers are particularly designed for use where it is desirable to direct the flow of exhaust air in a single direction. The lightweight and relatively small size of the Alwitco End Flow Mufflers permit them to be used in almost any location. Bantam® mufflers have managed excessive noise and promoted employee safety for more than 40 years.

Unit should be mounted in a protective position, free from excessive vibration. Just like thousands of other plants, your facility can have a more pleasant and productive work environment by reducing extreme air blasts and air noise.


  • • Specifically designed for directing the flow of exhaust air in a single direction
  • • Discharges exhaust air axially through a unique honey-combed end cap that disperses the air blast and dampens exhaust noise
  • • Lightweight and small, standard model is constructed of zinc-plated steel
  • • All stainless steel construction available for very corrosive or sensitive situation
  • • Ideal for use in most locations … facing any direction
  • • Recommended for pressures up to 125 psi