Bantam Muffler A-Series Air Ejector Mufflers

Bantam Muffler A-Series Air Ejector Mufflers

Featuring collimator inserts for concentrated air flow

Air Ejector - Blow Up (MASTER)The Bantam® A-Series Air Ejector Mufflers quickly and easily connect to any compressed air ejector used for the ejection of parts. They concentrate the air stream in a narrow beam over a longer distance, delivering maximum force at the exact point required. With 76% less air consumption, they provide more air thrust with lower pressure requirements, reducing air ejection noise by as much as 21 decibels (dba).

Unit should be mounted in a productive position, free from excessive vibration. Just like thousands of other plants, your facility can have a more pleasant and productive work environment by reducing extreme air blasts and air noise.


  • • Supplied as a complete unit with a cylindrical housing, which can be directly attached to compressed air lines properly positioned for parts ejection or packaging requirements, among other uses.
  • • Can be supplied with a standard plastic collimator insert or a special heat-resistant metal collimator insert for high ambient temperature applications
  • • Separate collimator inserts also are available as a low-cost solution for applications where it is necessary to bore holes directly into a die and insert the collimator to provide exact air thrust
  • • Recommended for pressures up to 125 psi