Chicago Pneumatic Adsorber Filter Assemblies

Chicago Pneumatic Adsorber Filter Assemblies

25 SCFM - 1430 SCFM / 0.003 ppm Activated Carbon

CP Group Master (New)Allowing unclean or contaminated compressed air to enter your air network holds several risks. In almost all applications, this can cause a considerable decrease in performance as well as an increase in maintenance costs both related to actual repairs as well as a loss in productivity. Chicago Pneumatic's innovative filters are engineered to cost-effectively provide the best air quality and meet today's ever increasing quality demands. They are fully developed and tested according to ISO standards.

Today, the equipment is more sophisticated which requires the compressed air to be free of any impurities. Atmospheric air contains in its origin many impurities which once compressed (and combined with the oil, in the case of oil-injected compressors) may generate abrasive and corrosive emulsions which can damage the distribution lines, the pneumatic devices, and the product itself. There are six different types of filters to purify the compressed air. Thanks to filters, productivity, quality and reliability are increased, the wear of the distribution network is limited and breakdowns are prevented instead of cured.


  • • Purify the compressed air by eliminating oil/dust contaminants
  • • High final product quality
  • • Increase your overall productivity
  • • Reduce potential downtime
  • • Annual service intervals to ensure optimal operations
  • • Can be installed quickly and into an existing network
  • • Optional pressure drop device (indicator/gauge) to advise on the cartridge replacement
  • • Cartridge replacement done in no time