Chicago Pneumatic Centrifugal Water Separators

Chicago Pneumatic Centrifugal Water Separators

25 SCFM - 1500 SCFM, 1/4" NPT - 3" NPT Connections

Chicago Pneumatic's CWS (Cyclonic Water Separator) has been developed to separate water and condensed moisture from compressed air. The cyclonic separators use centrifugal force to remove water droplets which have condensed in the flow of compressed air due to a reduction in temperature.

The Cyclonic Water Separators are designed for first stage - basic condensate separation from compressed air in industrial applications. The CWS series efficiently remove the most of condensate. However at the exit from the separator, compressed air still contains some moisture. Extra provisions for complete condensate removal are necessary, such as: coalescing filters, compressed air dryers, etc.

It can be argued that due to the advanced design concept of the cyclone separator, the CWS effectiveness in removing both the condensed liquid from the compressed air line is equal to 99.9%. Also, one of the advantages of the new CWS is that its design has no moving parts, thus there is no mechanical wear.

The aluminum construction of the cyclone separators allows for high efficiency condensate separation with low pressure drop. The cartridge inside the Cyclone separator assures reliable operation for the life of the separator, with no possibility of clogging and increased operating costs. All aluminium separator bodies are coated with powder paint to eliminate corrosion.


  • • Efficient removal of water and big particles due to centrifugal force
  • • Cost effective with very little maintenance required
  • • Low pressure drop
  • • Reliable operation


  • • Protects pipe system and equipment against clogging, sediments and corrosion.
  • • Protects filter media against decay.
  • • Protection of compressed air tools and devices against mechanical faults.
  • • Protection of complete compressed air system against freezing.