Smart Guard Mini No-Loss Drain Valves

Smart Guard Mini No-Loss Drain Valves

Compact Condensate Drain, 0 - 230 psi, up to 350 cfm

The SMART GUARD MINI  is perfect for filters and refrigerated dryers up to 350 scfm. The Smart Guard Mini zero air loss condensate drains provide effective and efficient condensate removal in an extremely small and lightweight package. With features such as a test button, LED indicator light and automatic blockage detection, these energy saving electronic drains are the optimum choice for reliable, energy saving condensate removal when space is limited.

A robust 2/2 way capacitive level sensing actuator operates a direct acting valve to discharge condensate without losing any valuable compressed air. An integrated mesh strainer protects the valve from blockage and a test button provides immediate verification of drain function. In addition, an internal sensor automatically detects potential blockages and will pulsate the valve to attempt to clear them.

For quick and easy installation and maintenance, all models include an externally mounted valve, a removable electronic module, and a removable top cover, allowing the drain to be easily disassembled without disconnecting any pipe work.

Features & Benefits:

  • • Small & Lightweight: Easy to install even in tight spaces.
  • • Built in Test Function & LED Status Light: Easily monitor and test drain operation to verify proper performance.
  • • Integrated Mesh Strainer: Reliable operation & protection from blockage.
  • • Automatic Blockage Detection: Detects and attempts to clear blockages.
  • • Removable Top Cover: Quick and easy to maintain.
  • • For Systems Up To 350 CFM: Fits most compressed air filters and dryers.
  • • Rugged Aluminum Housing: Built for industrial applications.