Worthington Oil/Water Separators

Worthington Oil/Water Separators

H2Oil/Separator & H2Omni-Sep (50 - 14,000 SCFM)

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The Worthington H2Oil/Separator® is an oil-water separator built specifically for compressor condensate disposal. Not only is dealing with compressor condensate in an environmentally friendly way the right thing to do, in many cases it's illegal to dispose of untreated compressor condensate by putting it into sewers or surface draws.

The H2Oil/Separator® is simple, automatic and the best economical solution for oily compressor condensate disposal. To add to its ease of use, the H2Oil/Separator® uses gravity separation, which means it doesn't need to be plugged in, has no moving parts, and is virtually maintenance free

The Worthington H2Omni-Sep® oil/water separator is a positive action solution to the problem of safely disposing of air compressor condensate. H2Omni-Sep® handles a broad variety of synthetic (polyglycol, diester, synthetic hydrocarbons, silicone, polyester and mixtures thereof) and petroleum based compressor lubricants. H2Omni-Sep® should not be used on lubricants containing significant quantities of phosphate esters.

The H2Omni-Sep® unit is a thermostatically controlled, electrically heated evaporation unit that separates air compressor condensate from spent compressor lubricant. The condensate water leaves the unit as atmospheric stream and the lubricant is periodically drained from the unit.

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