Aircel RTM Series

Aircel RTM Series

High-Capacity Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer 38°F Dew Point (5,000 - 30,000 scfm)

The Aircel RTM Series (2,500 - 30,000 scfm) utilizes high efficiency compressors with defined loading and unloading capacities and a thermal mass medium for energy storage. The refrigeration system cools the thermal mass medium to a predetermined lower temperature. Once that temperature is reached, the system goes into standby mode until the temperature rises to another predetermined set point. Only then does the system come out of standby mode and once again cools the thermal mass medium. No energy is wasted when demand on the dryer is low. The RTM dryers are ideally suited when large air volumes need to be dried to a reliable and constant dew point.

• 38°F - 50°F Dew Point
• Ambient Air Temperature 35°F - 120°F
• Maximum Inlet Air Temperature 140°F
• Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psig
• 1 Year Standard Limited Warranty

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