F Series 6"-14" Flange Inlet Filters

F Series 6"-14" Flange Inlet Filters

"Big Boy" Inlet Filter Assemblies, Up to 6000 SCFM (7990 m3/hr)


Air Intake Filter Assemblies  - F Series: It has a durable weatherproof housings and ample surface area which provides long lasting filtration. Industrial, severe & extreme duty models are in stock. Stainless steel filter assemblies are available.

The filters are designed using materials to suit industry and the operating environment. Changing safety standards and the need to improve performance means that new materials are being used in our manufacturing processes.

All air intake asseblies require an air filter element as an important part of the filtration. All Solberg Air Intake Filter Assemblies include an air intake filter housing and air filter element. If you need Solberg replacement filter elements, please search here.