Max-Air Breathing Air Compressors

Max-Air Breathing Air Compressors

4.2 - 21.6 scfm | 3.5 - 18.0 F.A.D | 4800 - 6000 PSI

Max-Air-All-Models-OverviewWe carry top of the line Max-Air compressors for everything you need. Depending on the size and specifications of the compressor it can either be ideal for personal use or commercial use. Plus having the ability to fill your own tanks makes going diving that much easier!

All of these units will produce air quality of CGA Grade E breathing air suitable for SCUBA, Industrial, and Fire Service. Pure air for your SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), SCUBA, PBAC (Portable Breathing Air Compressors) or Cascade System meets NFPA recommendations.

Max-Air provides quality high pressure breathing air compressors many industries that depend on breathing air equipment. Max-Air offers a proven and economical compressor for all these applications:

  •    •  SCBA, SCUBA
  •    •  Industrial Users
  •    •  Laboratory Users
  •    •  Fire Stations
  •    •  Police
  •    •  Military
  •    •  Dive Centers
  •    •  Commercial
  •    •  Rescue Units
  •    •  and Paintball Field