BEKO DRYPOINT® MDp Premium Series Membrane Dryer

BEKO DRYPOINT® MDp Premium Series Membrane Dryer

Inlet Flow 1.83 - 116 scfm / Inlet Dew Point +40°F - +100°F

Beko-Drypoint-Membrane-GroupDRYPOINT® M and M PLUS are available in various model sizes for different degrees of drying. As a tubular model for flow rates up to 7 scfm and as a housing model up to 116 scfm. Higher volume flows are achieved by the parallel connection of several membrane dryers.

The volume, flow, pressure, model size and purge air setting all exert influence on the drying capacity of DRYPOINT® M and M PLUS membrane air dryers.

Depending on these factors and other conditions, pressure dew point reductions between 40 °F and 100 °F or more can be achieved. Custom designs are also offered for special applications.

·  Integrated pre-filtration inside the membrane housing
·  Hassle free installation
·  Complete protection of your investment
·  Super-fast element change means ultra-low maintenance
·  Peak efficiency using Twist 60 technology

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