BEKO METPOINT® OCV Hydrocarbon Monitoring Systems

BEKO METPOINT® OCV Hydrocarbon Monitoring Systems

for 3/4" to 3" Pipes and Custom Length

Hydrocarbons are perhaps the most debilitating by-product of compressed air use; both to production processes and human beings alike. Their presence in a compressed air stream can cost millions of dollars or more importantly a life.

BEKO offers devices at clear-cut investment costs that will monitor hydrocarbons found in compressed air. They enable a significant increase in safety and peace of mind, as well as process control and the corresponding reduction in operating costs. Benefits to which a value cannot be placed. Learn more about BEKO hydrocarbon leak detector and how it can help your system.


  • •  Inline measurement of all C6 hydrocarbons and above
  • •  Globally unique and cutting edge technology
  • •  Reliable, simple and easy to use and understand
  • •  Data log is standard equipment