BEKO METPOINT® PRO Multi-Function Air Monitoring

BEKO METPOINT® PRO Multi-Function Air Monitoring

Stationary or Portable Devices

BEKO METPOINT PRO OverviewMeasuring capabilities:
     • Pressure Dew Point
     • Air Flow
     • Pressure
     • Current
     • Temperature

These all inclusive packages also feature, as standard, 4 to 20 mA output signals, two alarm relays, and USB connectivity. Full data logging with 1,000,000 data transmission capacity comes standard, and when used in conjunction with the optional software package, creates the perfect analytical tool down to the finest detail.

In addition to being a completely customizable user solution and all of the standard features, the METPOINT® PRO series has several options to ease installation from an engraved depth scale on the flow meter sensor, to special spot drilling collars and drilling jigs.

Every detail has been carefully thought out and considered to guarantee the maximum return on investment in the shortest amount of time possible. The true all-around solution, the METPOINT® PRO series from BEKO for air monitoring equipment.