Air Saver Motorized Ball Valves

Air Saver Motorized Ball Valves

Motorized Ball Valve, 0 - 230 psi

The Air-Saver is installed on the air outlet of the air tank. The Air-Saver will automatically open just prior to the working shift begins, and closes just after the working shift is over.

A typical compressed air system will lose compressed air through pipe connections, non-demand drains etc. At the end of the final work shift, the Air-Saver will shut the air tank off from the rest of the system. The content of compressed air within the air tank will be saved rather than lost through pipe leakages.


  • • No unnecessarily start up of compressors during periods when
    compressed air is not required
  • • At least one air receiver's worth of compressed air savings per day
  • • Possibility to shut of parts of the pipe line system
    where compressed air is not needed continuously
  • • Manual Override: Yes
  • • Compact design -Easy to install

Technical Advantages:

  • • Slow valve opening to avoid water hammer in pipe line system
  • • Time programmed or remote controlled
  • • Integral lithium battery protects program for five (5) years
  • • Each individual day can be programmed according to specific working day shift requirements