BEKOMAT® Standard Series Drain Valves

BEKOMAT® Standard Series Drain Valves

Electronically Controlled, 12 - 232 psi, 100 - 50,000 cfm

Series 13, 14, 16 CO, 31, 32, 33

BEKOMAT® from BEKO has become the industrial standard because of its high reliability and particularly because it offers energy-saving operation without loss of compressed air. There are a number of very good technical reasons for this:

Compared with float drains, BEKOMAT® has decisive advantages, especially since it:

  • •  functions unaffected by dirt, resulting in realiable operation
  • •  is equipped with an alarm signal
  • •  requires very little maintenance
  • •  has large cross-sections to prevent emulsification

BEKOMAT® also has decisive advantages over solenoid valves, especially since it:

  • •  operated in accordance with the actual condensate quanitiy
  • •  avoids unnecessary loss of compressed air
  • •  is equipped with a fault signal
  • •  has large cross-section value to prevent emulsification