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Aftermarket Atlas Copco 2906-0085-00 8000 Hour Maintenance Kit

Aftermarket Atlas Copco 2906-0085-00 8000 Hour Maintenance Kit

Part #: 2906-0085-00W/O
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8000 Hour Maintenance Kit Model Number ZR4, W/O Filters




Our 8000 Hour Kit contains all the necessary gaskets, washers, diaphragms, and supplementary kits for performing an 8000 hour service on Atlas Copco Compressor Model ZR4. This kit does not include the filters. Please contact us for pricing with filters. As a value added benefit, our kits also include Mark II element balancing diaphragms, as well as Amot water regulating valve seal kits, both of which are not included by the OEM.

eCompressedair provides quality Atlas Copco equivalent parts that meet or exceed the OEM specifications. Aftermarket parts are more cost effective than brand name parts and can typically allow for a reduction in your annual maintenance costs over the life of the compressor.

Parts List
Qty. Part # Description
1 0335-1130-00 Ring, Retaining
3 0502-2226-00 Bearing
2 0650-0100-08 Gasket
2 0650-0100-50 Gasket
1 0650-1001-15 Gasket, Flange
1 0653-1124-00 Washer, Copper
2 0653-1254-00 Washer, Copper
1 1030-0979-00 Element, Air Filter
1 1613-6105-00 Filter, Oil, Spin-On
1 1619-1846-00 Diaphragm, Unloader
1 2001-0225-00 Bushing
1 2250-5842-00 Gasket
1 2253-7852-00 Diaphragm, HP (4 Hole)
1 2253-7858-00 Diaphragm, LP (4 Hole)
1 2253-8506-00 Orifice, Brass Plate
1 2906-0088-00 Kit, Seal
1 2906-0167-00 Kit, Throttle Valve
1 2906-0168-00 Kit, Throttle Valve
1 2910-0179-00 Kit, Oil Pump
1 2910-0205-00 Kit, HP Silencer
2 2910-0206-00 Kit, Moisture Trap
1 2910-3038-00 Kit, Unloader Valve
How it Works

As recommended by the OEM, the following criteria should be considered when performing an 8000 hour preventative maintenance service on this specific compressor:

  • Check unloading and loading pressures
  • Check intercooler pressure
  • Check oil pressure
  • Check aftercooler water outlet temperature
  • Check compressor water outlet temperature
  • Check compressed air outlet temperature
  • Check air intake filter service indicator
  • Check oil level
  • Drain condensate from intercooler and aftercooler drain receivers after stopping
  • Check that condensate is discharged from intercooler and aftercooler drain receivers during loading
  • Drain condensate from pulsation damper of bleed-off pressure safety switch
  • Clean down unit
  • Drain condensate from air receiver, if installed
  • Check for water or oil leaks; Inspect all pipes and tubes, tigthen loose connections
  • Replace damaged gaskets or tubes
  • Clean breather of step-up gear casing
  • If the lubricating oil cannot be analyzed, change oil and oil filter element(s)
  • Dismantle and clean float valves of drain receivers
  • Replace air intake filter element(s)
  • Replace rolling diaphragm of unloader piston
  • Dismantle and inspect parts of unloader cylinder head assembly
  • Remove and inspect rubber diaphragm of compressor element balancing pistons
  • Remove and inspect check valve
  • Test safety valves
  • Test safety switches
  • Check cooling efficiency of intercooler and aftercooler; Pressure test all the coolers
  • Measure pressure ratio of compressor elements
  • Inspect rubber bushings of couplings