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Aftermarket Citgo CITGear HT 68 (55 Gal.) Lubricant

Aftermarket Citgo CITGear HT 68 (55 Gal.) Lubricant

Part #: CITGear HT 68 (55 Gal.)
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Premium Compressor Oil





The ten synthetic oils in the 600 Series have been manufactured from PAO synthetic hydrocarbon base fluids and combined with a unique system of additives for use in a variety of anti-wear hydraulic, gear and bearing applications. This makes them the ideal candidates for use in enclosed gear systems, vacuum pump applications, air compressors, plastics calendars, hydraulic systems and mixing roll bearings.


  • Fully 100% synthetic.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • Energy savings.
  • Extended oil change intervals.
  • Superior load carrying ability with excellent film strength.
  • Increased thermal and oxidation stability over petroleum.
  • Elimination of polymers means reduced mechanical shear.
  • High flash points help reduce and prevent fire hazards.
  • Low evaporation rates help increase service life.
  • Gearboxes can actually run cooler due to reduced friction.
  • Waste disposal is minimized due to longer life.
  • Contains anti-wear additives.

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