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ISO Grade 46 Concentrated Cleaner & Flush (1 Gal.)

ISO Grade 46 Concentrated Cleaner & Flush (1 Gal.)

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Premium Compressor Oil




Ultra-Solv is a solvent-type fluid designed to dissolve varnish and solubilize sludge as an additive at 5% to 10% concentration in oil for cleaning many types of industrial systems such as Bowser Sumps in Paper Mills during operation. (Not for use in Ammonia Compressors or with Polyalkylene glycol or silicone fluids.) It can also be used to help flush a system when changing-over from mineral to synthetic oils in order to reduce contamination due to oil carry-over. Regular use of Ultra-Solv will help you get the most out of your synthetic oil and your equipment by removing varnish and reducing operating temperature.