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Industrial Descalers and Rust Removers

eCompressedair offers a complete line of of biodegradable lime scale cleaners for specific applications. Find the perfect solution for your maintenance needs.


Lym-Solv® Industrial Water Scale Solvent

Removes Lime Scale, Rust, Dirt and Corrosion Deposits

Starting at: $16.50

Lym-Solv (AL)® Industrial Descaler for Aluminum

Water Scale Solvent Safe for Aluminum Surfaces

Lym-Solv (MC)® Mortar/Concrete Remover & Cleaner

Penetrates and Removes Lime Scale, Cement, Concrete and Mineral Deposits

Lym-Solv (NA)® Non-Acidic Industrial Water Scale Solvent

pH Neutral Descaler for Closed-Loop Systems

Lym-Solv (GM)® Industrial Descaler for Galvanized Metal

Safely Remove Lime Deposits Without Degrading the Metal