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Hydraulic and lubrication systems play a major role in almost all stationary and mobile machines. The fluids used transmit power, provide lubrication, channel away heat and protect from corrosion. The quality of the fluid is the key of the entire system. The temperature control and purity of the fluid, for example, are critical factors for the state of the entire control equipment in mobile-hydraulic applications.

In all hydraulic systems, energy is converted and transported. This involves a percentage of energy being lost, in the form of heat. The task of the cooling system is to dissipate or reject the heat. Efficient cooling systems can help to lengthen the service life of the operating fluids and filters used while reducing life cycle costs.

The replacement radiator oil coolers are designed for a broad range of applications including lube oil cooling, hydraulic circuits, marine transmissions, reduction gearing, torque converters, and process cooling. Aerodynamically designed fan to increase efficiency and stability. Patented T-Bar brazed aluminum core for outstanding heat transfer.