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1/16 in. Bead 4A Molecular Sieve Desiccant (25 lb Pail)

1/16 in. Bead 4A Molecular Sieve Desiccant (25 lb Pail)

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4A Molecular Sieve 1/16" Bead 25 lb Pail





4A Molecular sieve is an alkali alumino-silicate. It is the sodium form of the Type A crystal structure and has an effective pore opening of 4 angstroms. It is used to dehydrate air and gases in regenerative compressed air dryers and static drying. Molecular sieves are regenerated by heating and purging. Regeneration temperatures must be 400° to 600° F but are not to exceed 1000° F. The degree of regeneration depends on the temperature reached in purge. Molecular sieves are often used as a polishing layer for dewpoints to 120° F.


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  • Dewpoints Down to 100° F. and Lower: molecular sieves are often used as a polishing layer in dryers to achieve dewpoints down to 120°F. This product is the most effective desiccant for low inlet, relative humidities, generally below 30-35% RH.
  • Uniform Size = Low Pressure Drop in a packed bed, molecular sieve provides a low pressure drop which minimizes channeling and maximizes utilization of the whole drying capacity of the compressed air dryer tower.
  • Round Smooth Beads/Low Abrasion: This feature of molecular sieves also contributes greatly to lower pressure drop. Importantly, it means far less dusting, migrativion / attrition and longer life by not allowing clogging of desiccant pores.

Typical Properties

Color Light Tan
Bead Size 1/16''
Bead Mesh 8 x 12
Bead MM 1.5 - 2.5
Surface Area 780m2/gram
Pore Diameter 4 angstroms
Bulk Density 45 lbs./ ft3
Crush Strength 9 lbs.
Equilibrium water capacity 24%
Water Content 1.5% (MAX)
Heat of adsorption 1800 BTU/ lb Water
Moisture retention @ relative humidity @
100% RH
@ 90% RH 24%
@ 60% RH 24%
@ 10% RH 24%