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Desiccant silica gel beads are 97% silica and 3% alumina. Silica Gel can be used to dehydrate both compressed air and natural gas. The desiccant silica gel bead shape, uniform particle size and high bulk density combine to ensure optimum air/gas flow without nesting or channeling. Minimal dusting occurs due to the hard, smooth, spherical shape of the silica desiccant beads. Desiccant silica gel beads are an excellent option for applications requiring long-term economy, higher capacity, premium performance and energy savings.  

The internal structure of a silica gel granule contains a vast network of inter-connecting microscopic pores, which attract and hold moisture via physical adsorption and capillary condensation. A single teaspoon of silica gel has an internal adsorptive area equivalent to a football field. Silica Gel is inert and non-toxic. Even when saturated silica gel looks and feels dry to the touch. Since the second World War, silica gel has been the desiccant of choice by government and industry. Purchase bulk silica gel online or by contacting our customer service toll-free by calling (866) 650-1937.

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SGBL35 Blue to Pink Silica Gel Desiccant (25 lbs.)

Part #: SGBL35
4X8 Mesh Color Indicating Silica Gel

SGOR35 Orange to Clear Silica Gel Desiccant (25 lbs.)

Part #: SGOR35
Orange to Colorless Silica Gel (25 lb. Pail)

Sorbead R Brown Silica Gel Desiccant (25 lbs.)

Part #: SGA35
Brown Silica Gel 25 lb. Bag

Sorbead WS Water-Resistant Silica Gel Desiccant (25 lbs.)

Part #: SGBF35
100% Water-Resistant Silica Gel