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Tabular Alumina support desiccant (alumina balls) is used as a support material in air dryer desiccant beds.

Tabular alumina is recrystallised or sintered a-alumina, so called because its morphology consists of large, 50-500 mm, flat tablet-shaped crystals of corundum. It is produced by pelletising, extruding, or pressing calcined alumina into shapes and then heating these shapes to a temperature just under their fusion point, 1700-1850ºC in shaft kilns.

After calcination, the spheres of shapes of sintered alumina can be used as they are for some applications, e.g. catalyst beds, or they can be crushed, screened and ground to produce a wide range of sizes. The appearance is White Crystalline Granules or Powder. As the material has been sintered it has an especially low porosity, high density, low permeability, good chemical inertness, high refractoriness and is especially suitable for refractory applications.

Tabular Alumina:

  • Absorption Resistant
  • Shock Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Long Life
  • Inert
  • Purity

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1 in. TAB Tabular Support Desiccant (60 lb Bag)

Part #: 1212011
Alumina Tabular Support 1" Bead 60 lb Sack

1/2 in. TAB Tabular Support Desiccant (60 lb Bag)

Part #: 1212010
Alumina Tabular Support 1/2" Bead 60 lb Sack

1/4 in. TAB Tabular Support (60 lb Bag)

Part #: 1212009
Alumina Tabular Support 1/4" Bead 60 lb Sack