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We have hundreds of drain valves for condensate management from no loss (zero loss) drains like the ever popular Robo Drain and Smart Guard POD, to High Pressure Brass/Stainless Steel drain valves, as well as Motorized Ball Valves for heavily polluted condensate like that found at the bottom of an air tank.


Drain valves are a crucial part of the compressed air system. Condensate drain valves remove condensate from the air system without losing excessive compressed air and without shutting down the system. Condensate can have harmful effects on a system when not removed. For instance, moisture can wash lubrication from air tools and production equipment causing downtime and maintenance; an inconsistent supply of dry air can cause production quality problems; and excessive rust and scale can form in the air distribution system. Also, water can back up into the compressor and wreck the machinery, air dryers can become overloaded, and in-line filters can be destroyed.

Learn more about the Types Drain Valves and how they affect compressed air systems in our library section. Need help selecting a drain valve? Use our Search by Application Installation