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Known for their energy efficiency since they don\'t waste compressed air, no-loss, also called zero-loss automatic drain valves can often pay for themselves in a matter of weeks.

Float/Pneumatic Controlled drain valves are easy to implement because they don\'t require an electrical connection. They use compressed air as its power source to operate and is ideal for applications where power is not available or desired.

Sensor/Electronic Controlled drain valves are typically less likely to foul since the condensate doesn\'t come in contact with the sensor. Condensate drains designed for the electronically level-controlled discharge of the condensate in compressed air networks function without unnecessary loss of compressed air and with minimal energy input.

If you are unsure which model to choose, use our Search by Application Installation to find where they are to be installed on a compressed air system or read Follow Our BlogHow to Select the Right Type of Drain Valve.