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JORC 3884 Smart Guard POD No loss Drain Valve 3/4" NPT-45-145 PSI

JORC 3884 Smart Guard POD No loss Drain Valve 3/4" NPT-45-145 PSI

Part #: 3884
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Smart Guard POD 4500 Series




Pneumatic Operated Zero Air Loss Condensate Drain

The POD 4500 is designed to remove condensate from compressed air systems up to 1800 scfm (compressor capacity). It drains up to 400 gallons/hour on average operating applications.

The POD 4500 uses internal pneumatic forces as its power source to operate. It is therefore ideally suited to apply in applications where power is not available, not desired or not reliable. The operation is automatic and there is no unnecessary air loss during the condensate discharge cycle.

Zero Air Loss
No unnecessary air is lost during the operation of the POD while discharging condensate from the compressed
air system.

No Electricity Required
The POD does not require electricity allowing installations in places where electricity is not readily available.

Easy Installation
The POD does not require outside pilot air which reduces the amount of piping and fitting dramatically. The fact that the drain is light weight allows it to be hung on the piping system rather than sit on the ground.

Compact Design
The POD has a very small footprint compared to competitor's pneumatic drains. It can be installed in tight areas where larger and heavier drains would not be practical.

Easy Maintenance
All moving parts can be replaced quickly, and without removing the drain from the compressed air system. Reducing maintenance time. The parts are also rated for a million operations which increase the time between maintenance intervals.

Test Button
The test button allows the drain to be tested at any time to assure the drain is operating as designed.


Key Features

  • Zero air loss during the condensate discharge
  • No electricity required to operate the drain
  • Suitable for compressed air systems up to 4500 scfm
  • No valve control air required - simple to install
  • Test feature
  • Extremely low condensate inlet height
  • Large (7.0 mm) valve orifice
  • Medium pressure up to 230 psi
  • The valve is serviceable
  • Available with optional heater
How it Works

1. Condensate enters the inlet and begins to fill the drains reservoir.
2. The operator begins to rise until it reaches a point where it opens the valve which allows air into the air chamber.
3. Once air enters the chamber it forces the valve seal to open.
4. Once the valve seal opens the condensate, drains until the operator drops to a level where the valve starts to close.
5. This stops the condensate from draining, without compressed air venting.
6. A precise calculated volume of condensate is maintained in the reservoir acting as a barrier. Against air loss.

Smart Guard POD How it Works




POD 4500 Specifications

  • Maximum compressor capacity: 4500 scfm
  • Inlet/Outlet connection: 3/4" inlet and 1/2" outlet
  • Valve orifice: 7.0 mm
  • Minimum/Maximum pressure: 2 to 230 psi
  • Minimum/Maximum temperature: 34°F to 122°F
  • Serviceable Valve: Yes
  • Valve seals: Viton (FPM)
  • Housing material: Robust Aluminium
  • Heater available: Yes

Options: Potential free alarm contact
   A1 =Normally open contacts,closed when in alarm fase
   A2 =Normally closed contacts,open when in alarm fase
   Floor/wall mounting bracket - call for information.

POD Available Models

Model Capacity Inlet/Outlet Orifice Min/Max PSI Min/Max Temp Seals Material
POD 1800 1800 cfm 1/2" - 3/8" 4 mm 2 PSI/230 PSI 34°F/122°F Viton Aluminium
POD 4500 4500 cfm 3/4" - 1/2" 7 mm 2 PSI/230 PSI 34°F/122°F Viton Aluminium

Smart Guard POD 4500 Dimensions

Smart Guard POD 4500 dimensions

Smart Guard POD Installation Diagram

POS Installation Diagram

Installation shown above is
typical for applications that
requires condensate enter the
side inlet. This type application
requires the use of a balance
Installation above is typical
when the drain can be mounted
directly under the condensate source,
there can be no bends or elbows in
the pipe work running into the drain.
Filters and some receiver tank
applications allow the drain
to be installed this way.
Installation shown above can
be used when the condensate
must come in the side inlet, but a
balance cannot be run. The speed
control valve vents a small amount of
air in order to prevent an air lock of
the drain.

POS Installation Example