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Walker Filtration Alpha® Water Separators

Walker Filtration Alpha® Water Separators

6 SCFM - 1,500 SCFM / 1/8" NPT - 3" NPT Connections
Walker Filtration's NEW Alpha® Water Separator combines proven Alpha® centrifugal technology with a new forward thinking housing design to deliver market leading water removal efficiencies – eliminating 99% bulk water with continuously low differential pressure. The custom engineered centrifugal module features unique vanes to eliminate points of low efficiency, and a vortex arrestor to stop re-entrainment - ensuring minimal operating pressure loss and maintaining excellent liquid removal, even at low velocities. No replacement components are required, making Walker Filtration’s Water Separators a viable and cost effective solution for removing bulk water from compressed air.

Additionally, housings feature the new externally accessible drain valve, which can be removed on larger models without having to gain access to the interior of the filter. Users can simply unscrew the drain from the bottom and remove. The design utilizes a finned/vaned internal spinner which removes large quantities of condensate and particulate by centrifugal action.


  • • No replacement components required - viable, cost effective solution.
  • • Vortex breaker at bottom of module prevents re-entrainment
    of separated condensate, creating a quiet zone for liquid connection.
  • • Multiple condensate drainage options facilitate maximum flexibility
    and energy efficiency (no air loss - improved efficiency).
  • • Suitable for variable speed compressor applications with condensate
    removal efficiency of greater than 99% from 20-120% of design flow.


  • • Maximum working pressure: 232 psig
  • • Maximum recommended operating temperature: 248°F
  • • Minimum recommended operating temperature: 35°F
  • • Typical pressure loss at rated flow: 0.8 psi
Model Specifications

Click model number to BUY or see prices. All units come standard with a float operated automatic drain valves included. If you have questions contact our customer service Toll-Free: (866) 650-1937 or email

New Model Pipe Size Flow Rate
A3011WS 1/8" NPT 6 1.97 0.67 6.18 2.36 0.6 N/A
A3021WS 1/4" NPT 15 1.97 0.67 6.18 2.36 0.6 N/A
A3022WS 1/4" NPT 25 2.76 0.94 9.09 2.76 1.3 A028WS
A3031WS 3/8" NPT 35 2.76 0.94 9.09 2.76 1.3 A038WS
A3051WS 1/2" NPT 50 2.76 1.94 9.09 2.76 1.3 A058WS
A3052WS 1/2" NPT 70 5.00 1.26 11.22 3.15 3.7 A059WS
A3071WS 3/4" NPT 125 5.00 1.26 11.22 3.15 3.7 A078WS
A3101WS 1" NPT 175 5.00 1.26 11.22 3.15 3.7 A108WS
A3122WS 1-1/4" NPT 280 6.69 2.09 20.00 3.94 10.8 A128WS
A3151WS 1-1/2" NPT 400 6.69 2.09 20.00 3.94 10.8 A159WS
A3201WS 2" NPT 700 6.69 2.09 20.00 3.94 10.8 A208WS
A3251WS 2-1/2" NPT 850 8.66 2.76 16.54 3.94 17.64 A254WS
A3310WS 3" NPT 1500 8.66 2.76 16.54 3.94 17.64 A340WS


Aircel Water Separator DimensionsTechnical Notes

1. Water Separators are fitted as standard with normally open float operated automatic drain valves, ADVS16 on models A3011WS to A3051WS and ADVSE16 on models A3052WS to A3301WS. Normally closed operated automatic drain valves (ADVS16C) are available for low range flow applications. 20.7 bar range at 120°C (248°F) available when supplied with a Manual drain valve (MDV25), please contact Walker Filtration to discuss your specific requirements.

2. Connecting kits are required to connect Water Separators to filter models A3011WS to A3301WS.

3. Wall mounting brackets are available for all models.



Tested in accordance with ISO 12500-4

Aircel Water Separator Chart

Tested in accordance with ISO12500-4 on an A3052WS water separator.

With exceptional performance at any flow rate, the New Alpha is perfect for use with variable speed compressors.

The unique fins on the centrifugal module have been custom engineered using the latest CFD software to identify and eliminate points of low efficiency, ensuring excellent liquid removal even at low flow velocities.

The shield at the bottom of the module prevents re-entrainment of separated water and creates a calm zone allowing for bespoke drainage options

1/4" to 3" threaded housings are manufactured in robust cast aluminium alloy with a corrosion protective E-Coat™ finish.

No replacement components are required making Walker's water separators a viable, cost effective solution.