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ADV6000C Internal Float-Operated Automatic Drain Valve

ADV6000C Internal Float-Operated Automatic Drain Valve

Part #: ADV6000C
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1/8" Outlet, Normally Closed with Manual By-Pass




1285637 - Sketch

Our ADV6000C is Normally Closed (when depressurized), fully automatic and is designed for discharging small to medium amounts of liquid from pressurized housings with an integrated liquid collecting area. The pressure-proof floating body rising with the accumulated liquid, operates a pilot air-controlled valve mechanism and activates opening of the valve and thus discharging the condensate. In the same way, the valve is closed with a falling liquid level before any compressed air may escape.

The dirt screen integrated in the condensate drain retains coarse contamination from the valve mechanism and increases the operating safety and service life. The protective cap provided on the drain valve prevents condensate drops from entering the pilot valve area, and as a result avoids malfunctions of the condensate drain caused by external effects from above.

Turning the outlet jacket allows for lifting the valve seat, thereby depressurizing the housing (manual venting and draining). The ADV6000C is mounted using a M14 X 1 connection thread or a bore hole locked by means of a nut. The condensate drain is sealed using the integrated O-ring. A 1/8" fitting (ex. hose nozzles, quick connectors, or tubing) can be connected to the outlet jacket. Cleaning is required (depending on the contamination of the condensate).


  • Height: 3.35"
  • Width: 1.00"
  • 1/8" Outlet

Drain Specifications

  • Nominal Volume Flow: 470 SCFM*
  • Nominal Condensate Quantity: 1.84 Gallon/Hr (100 PSI), 2.40 Gallon/Hr (232 PSI)
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 232 PSI
  • Min. Operating Pressure: 0 PSI
  • Backflow Resistance (Depressurized): 7.25 PSI
  • Operating Temperature: 35.6°F to 140°F

Materials of Construction

  • Basic Body: Brass
  • Floating Body: Nitrophyl
  • Pawl Element, Cap: POM (Polyoxmethylene)
  • Spring, Sieve Ring, Sieve Disc, Lever: Stainless Steel
  • Sealing Materials: NBR

* - Refers to 14.5 PSI and 68°F at 100 PSI Operating Pressure, Intake Air 77°F at 60% Relative Humidity, 95°F Compressed Air Temperature.