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Adsorption filters with activated carbon are for adsorption of harmful gases and smells from the air. The largest use of Carbon elements is in the purification of water. Activated carbon achieves the maximum enlargement of inner and outer surface after the special treatment and so the adsorption area is extremely high - up to 1250 m2 for every gram of active carbon.

Our Adsorber Filter Replacements come with a manufacture\'s warranty that matches or exceeds the original OEM warranty. If you have questions about how to find a adsorber filter replacement, call our knowledgeable customer service team toll-free: 866-650-1937.

Aircel ACF100D

Part #: 1277928
100 CFM Filter Element .01Micron/.003ppm oil removal

Aircel ACF20D

Part #: 1277908
20 CFM Filter Element .01Micron/.003ppm oil removal

Aircel ACF32D

Part #: 1277916
32 CFM Filter .01Micron/.003ppm oil removal